From Bob: I know many models would rather read than watch videos (or maybe both).

So, I transcribed this message about model industry terminology to help you better understand the meanings. Enjoy!

model industry terminology

model industry terminology

Cool (and Not So) Model Industry Terminology Every Beginner Model Should Know!

Hi everyone. Today we’re going to do a model talk part 2.

In this video, I’m going to cover some modelling terms & industry terminology. I know I use a lot of words some people may not be familiar with.

The modeling industry, like any other business, has a language all it’s own. In this series I will familiarize you with some of the the terms that are frequently used in this industry.

Listen, while I go over some modeling terms you need to know. This covers modeling agency stuff and other things; especially helpful for beginner models just getting started.

Model’s Commission

Commission is a percentage you pay your agent for each job that she books for you.

Usually, the standard in the industry is about twenty percent. However, they can range anywhere from fifteen to twenty percent.

So, whatever the job booked, you would pay your agent twenty percent. This means, if you book a job for $2,000, you would pay your agent $400 of that.

What You Need to Know about Digitals

Digitals are up-to-date photos of you that your agent will have you come in to shoot for a client.

Or, they may just update their records because, girl models tend to look a little different than their comp cards.

For instance, you might change your hair color or change your hairdo. Anyhow, something has changed about you so they want to update their system and update their clients.

These digitals are taken with a digital camera. Then, they’re put on file pretty much immediately after you take them.

Here’s what else, the photos are not altered in any way; no Photoshop, no nothing! They’re just plain pictures of you.

What is Sample Clothing?

This is when you model original samples. The clothes come in for a company, so your measurements have to be perfect for the client.

And, every client is different. Then you’ll know what perfect sample size model is, so your measurements have to stay perfect for them.

It all comes down to, you try on all the samples that come in which need to be approved. So,  they will ask you questions like…

  • Is it tugging in certain places?
  • Does it feel a little tight?
  • Etc.

And, they basically use what you say to decide how they’ll alter the clothing.

Relapse or Freelance Modelling

Frankly, relapse is modeling without agency representation. It’s also called freelance modeling which might be a better term.

I hear it’s difficult to be a freelance model, but I knew a couple of girls who did it. And, they both a good amount of work.

But, consider this, the pay isn’t that’s great. It’s best to hire an agent who’s gunning for you, and getting you more money.

Finally, if you use agency representation, you cannot do freelance modeling.

Most times, you have an exclusive agreement with that agency.

Some Models Do Informal Shows

I’ve actually done a couple of informal shows. And, they were actually pretty fun!

Well, that’s all the turns for this episode.

So, until next time, bye-bye.

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