The Truth about Model Casting Calls

Okay – before we get started I want to clear the air about reality shows for models. I really hope you don’t decide to go at someone’s throat just because they are in competition with you.

With that said, let’s explore the world of model casting calls so you’ll be better prepared when you go for an interview.

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Before You Jump Into the Fashion Modeling Network .. Want to Be the Next Top Model?

There’s no doubt that you certainly have heard of the hit TV series, America’s Next Top Model. Unless you have been living on a desert Island you’ve probably watched a few.

This show highlighting models ventures into  very interesting characters, picture sessions that don’t happen in my studio and of course the drama that comes with all reality programs.

Is the Reality Show for Real?

But ironically, the show is undoubtedly not the most accurate portrayal of what modeling casting calls are really like so you might need to do some more homework to find the true facts about the network.

Okay, Ms. Banks does address the issues of true modeling agency open calls, telling girls and guys to beware of the pitfalls and scams.

Legitimate modeling agents will never ask you to pay big fees to join or try to coax you to pose without clothing.

Better to Go on TV?

So, it’s probably safer to try out for America’s Next Top Model, though some question whether going this route really produces big talent.

It’s probably fair to say that it can be a boost to a girl’s career, but it’s doubtful that the models will see the supermodel lights. After all, can there really be a new supermodel like Arizona Muse blossoming out each and every season?

What Open Calls Aren’t

Model Casting CallsOpen calls in modeling are not a one way ticket to success in the network.

High fashion is not a walk in the park. Interviews with directors do not ensure that you will make a fortune or gather fame just because you happen to be pretty.

It only seems that way because we see spotlights on the glamorous and famous supermodels in magazines and in the news, but these are few and far between.

The Impossible Dream?

Being successful in the entertainment industry is not an impossible task. It’s just that there’s a lot more to consider than most newcomers are willing to believe.

Shows like Tyra Banks and others in the reality realm often present a version of the American dream which says to keep trying and eventually someone will make you a star.

But, the sad fact is that not all will become a superstar, and just going to enough interviews isn’t enough. Modeling is based on appearance and the America’s Next Top Model show picks applicants who already have a certain look of high fashion.

What They Do

Your life as a model is also something to really consider carefully. These girls have to get up early in the morning, travel to lots of different locations, and look rejection in the face on a regular schedule.

The fashion & runway career is very short compared to most occupations, since your good looks will not last (sorry), and attractiveness in the agent’s mind is changing constantly.

So it’s worth taking some serious time to think about making a decision which can really change your life.

Should You Model?

I can’t answer that question.

If you have that certain, unique look – and your lifelong dream is to become a model then yes, by all means, follow your heart. You may be one of the lucky few who reach the top rankings on or one of the other famous modeling networks.

Or, you could decide to stick with local modeling jobs with your expertise in catalog or local runway shows. It doesn’t really matter. You are the one who decides where your career in modeling will take you. There aren’t many limits in the entertainment industry.

With that said, I want to leave you with one thought. Always remember that becoming a model is a fun, glamorous, and tough job. Have fun and work hard! – Bob Pardue




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