Model Agency Scams

In this video review and common tips about model agency scams we learned that a 19 year old girl had her hands full when she received a phone call from a “modeling agency”.

They claimed to be interested in her talents.

After checking the website and seeing what looked like a legitimate company, she proceeded.

Model Agency Scams

Model Agency Scams

Big mistake as you’ll see in the video above..

Model Agency Scams – A Video Review – It was too good to be true!

The representative was fantastic of course. She promised the girl the world in a basket.

This is what they do. Always beware of scams – do some reading between the lines and CHECK THEM OUT!

These agency promoters Rock!

Yes, they are very good at playing on a girl’s dreams and telling her all the things she wants to hear, guiding her emotions and leading her to visualize a successful modeling career.

But Wait! Here is the catch

After contributing money, the end of a glamorous career came crashing down. The model wound up paying some big bucks for a piece of meaningless paper!

Moral? Don’t do it!

The only crime of this young lady was listing her telephone number on Facebook (it could just as well have been any social site like Twitter, etc.).

These people keep very close tabs and know when an opportunity arises so you have to keep your guard up.

Legit Modeling Agents?

Yes, there are plenty of legitimate modeling agencies out there. Be ready to question closely. It’s best if you know someone who is already listed with them.

Then there are the big guys like Elite and Ford but those are very competitive.

What to do?

Just keep your eyes open and remember; “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”.

Hope this will enlighten you and help keep you from being privy to a model agency scam. You can find more info about modeling agents on this site. Hope to see you at the top! – Bob Pardue

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