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Model Agency List – Find USA Modeling Agencies Listings by State

Now that you’ve decided to learn how to become a model, it’s time to look for a good agent. So, scroll down and click on your state to find model agents in your area.

Scroll Down & Search the Local USA Model Agency List Below ..


==> Alabama Modeling Agencies

These American local modeling agencies are listed in alphabetical order to make it easier to find an agent near your town. That makes Alabama modeling agencies the first on the USA model agency list. Here you can get listings for model agencies in Montgomery, Mobile and Tuscaloosa, AL.

Look up some Alabama modeling agencies  to begin your career.


==> Alaska Modeling Agencies


==> Arizona Modeling Agencies

Yes, you can become a fashion model even if you live in the Southwestern USA.

Take time to learn all you can about the entertainment industry.

Then, start applying to some of these Arizona modeling agencies to see what happens.

Finally, never give up!


==> Arkansas Modeling Agencies


==> California Modeling Agencies

Los Angeles always comes to mind in the list of top California model markets but CA is a very large state. You might live in Sacramento, San Diego or even San Francisco so the LA model agency list might be out of reach without moving. Check the list of modeling agencies in California below to find companies near you.


==> Canada Modeling Agencies

Although not a part of the United States (obviously) Canada has a lot to offer new faces. This is why I included our neighbor in the model agency list and will continue to update as companies submit their information.


==> Colorado Modeling Agencies


==> Connecticut Modeling Agencies


==> Delaware Modeling Agencies

Washington DC

==> Washington DC Modeling Agencies

Even if you live in the nation’s capitol there are opportunities for new talent. The Washington DC modeling agencies listed on the page below is sure to please. I would also suggest that you check out Maryland and Virginia model agency list as well. To find your DC agent browse the page below.


==> Florida Modeling Agencies

Knowing that every woman dreams of working with large or local modeling companies in Miami, I want to ask that you don’t discount other locations like Tampa or Hollywood, Florida.

Also check out Orlando for real modeling jobs in FL. You might just land that local work to get you started in the network!


==> Georgia Modeling Agencies


==> Hawaii Modeling Agencies


==> Idaho Modeling Agencies


==> Illinois Modeling Agencies


==> Indiana Modeling Agencies


==> Iowa Modeling Agencies


==> Kansas Modeling Agencies


==> Kentucky Modeling Agencies


==> Louisiana Modeling Agencies


==> Maine Modeling Agencies


==> Modeling Agencies in Maryland


==> Massachusetts Modeling Agencies


==> Michigan Modeling Agencies


==> Minnesota Modeling Agencies


==> Mississippi Modeling Agencies


==> Missouri Modeling Agencies


==> Modeling Agencies in Montana


==> Nebraska Modeling Agencies


==> Modeling Agencies in Nevada

New Hampshire

==> Modeling Agencies in New Hampshire

New Jersey

==> Modeling Agencies in New Jersey

New Mexico

==> Modeling Agencies in New Mexico

New York

New York modeling agencies

New York modeling agencies

==> New York Modeling Agencies

Take a moment to discover genuine New York modeling agencies for teenagers, plus size women, commercial or other types of models. NYC is of course the top market with plenty of scouts to discover you. And, you’ll find  the “big” companies like Elite and other major companies on the model agency list  in the Big Apple. But, this model agency list features other local companies in smaller NY towns and cities as well. Check out each before applying and get references if possible.

North Carolina

==> Modeling Agencies in North Carolina

North Dakota

==> Modeling Agencies in North Dakota


==> Modeling Agencies in Ohio


==> Modeling Agencies in Oklahoma

Search the list of local and top modeling agencies in Oklahoma City and other OK locations. Where can I find USA local modeling agencies near my state you ask? This is a question many guys and girls ask but when you scroll below you’ll have the answer. The complete model agency list for America covers management companies for models from all over the USA you can find and apply to.


==> Modeling Agencies in Oregon


==> Pennsylvania Modeling Agencies

Rhode Island

==> Modeling Agencies in Rhode Island

South Carolina

==> South Carolina Modeling Agencies

South Dakota

==> Modeling Agencies in South Dakota


==> Tennessee Modeling Agencies

Tip: You have probably heard that models listing with Tennessee modeling agencies make a ton of money, but remember this is only a few hand-picked “super models.” This is not to say that one day you might be in the select few. So, check the model agency list below to find Memphis or Nashville model agents. Other areas of the state give opportunities too!


==> Texas Modeling Agencies

The list of Texas model agencies includes larger cities like Dallas and Houston but there are smaller markets available as well. Check out other towns for free modeling jobs on the TX model agency list with reps in your locale. Don’t stop with just one TX company. Keep applying until you exhaust all opportunities. Good luck!


==> Utah Modeling Agencies

Not a very large directory but maybe enough talent agents to get you started. Check bigger towns first for best results.


==> Modeling Agencies in Vermont


==> Virginia Modeling Agencies

The state of Virginia provides opportunities for new faces as well as those who have been working as a model for a while. You also have the advantage of living near the DC area and Maryland putting you in a good position for finding model management companies near your home.

Washington State

==> Washington Modeling Agencies

From Tacoma to Seattle you’ll find representation for fashion, glamour, commercial modeling jobs and more in this list of modeling agencies for the great Northwest.

West Virginia

==> West Virginia Modeling Agencies

Not too many agents listed in WV but many will check neighboring states like Virginia, KY or Ohio. Since the talent management companies we include in the USA model agency list are dependent upon those who send in their information, we hope to expand this directory in the near future.


==> Wisconsin Modeling Agencies

Listing of WI modeling agents for males and females.


==> WY Modeling Agencies

So far I haven’t found suitable talent management in the state of Wyoming – including Cheyenne. I certainly hope the model agency list will grow more in our western states. If you can recommend an agent here, please let me know.

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Explanation about United States Modelling Agencies

I posted this USA model agency list so that you can get a management team behind you to show off your new talent.

Take the next step in your modeling career with the right agent.

But first, make sure you are prepared to contact these modeling agencies..

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The easy to read list below shows all 50 of the United States.

Some of these companies book for..

  • Runway
  • Fashion
  • Commercial
  • Editorial
  • and other types of modeling jobs

So, get your modeling career in gear and contact some agencies today.

Oh, please let me know if your agency is not listed here.

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This partial model agency list helps you find top online management companies covering ages 13 to 19 along with other related industry jobs for teenagers – gives a quick view of NY state talent representatives.

This is the home of IMG, Ford, Elite Management and others so, if you have the look, a good place to begin your career ploy.

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If you want to be a working model then you’ll want to search this local model agency list for your state to help you locate bookings for modeling jobs in NY, Florida, California, Texas, SC and other American locales.

Hope this listing helps you find local modeling agencies and gets you on your way to becoming a female model in your state or region.

There’s More to Getting Listed with USA Local Modeling Agencies!

These ideas are just the beginning in your search from this directory of modeling agencies and I wish I could talk about everything at once. But, I will leave you with one more piece of advice.

Take your time and learn everything you can about modelling and research the talent management companies before “jumping in” – you’ll have an easier time than those who don’t.

Search for a USA Model Agency in Your Area

Now it’s time to stop reading. So, search to find a local model agency in your state.

And, notice this USA model agency lists the bigger states like..

  • California
  • New York
  • Florida
  • and Texas

These US states host more talent agents. But, even companies in the smaller states like South Carolina can help you start a modeling career.

Even if you look model companies in Milwaukee WI, you’ll find a few. So, check our USA model agency list by state. Then, click on your area to find a management company near your home.

Remember, within this United States modeling agency directory you’ll find where to get model bookings. But, make some contacts and go to open call interviews for results.

Get started and browse this American talent agency list again to find what you are looking for.

If you discover there are talent management companies in this USA model agency list which need corrections, please let me know. And, thank you so much for visiting and come back to search for modeling jobs again soon! Bob Pardue