Simple woman wall art

Minimalist Girl Drawing

Minimalist Artwork Drawing of a Modern Girl Wearing a Hat

Do you know someone who loves minimalist artwork? I’m almost sure you do.

As a fine art photographer and digital art designer, creating minimalist drawings like this one has quickly become one of my passions. So, I want to present this line art drawing of a modern girl wearing a hat for you to enjoy! 🙂

Please let me know how you feel about this minimalist design.

Fine Art Minimalist Woman

minimalist girl artwork

What’s In This Minimalist Artwork?

I believe the line art effect works very well for this graphic image, don’t you? Basically, it includes:

  • The Girl
  • An inquisitive look
  • White background
  • Minimalist effect for a clean view

Does this image move you as it did me? See order details here…

Modern woman minimalist wall art

Inquisitive Woman in Minimalism – Fine Digital Artwork for Your Home or Office

This fine artwork (below) adds a bit of simplicity to your home decor – even if your walls are not painted black.


Simple woman wall art

(Click on picture above to view available sizes and renderings)

Minimalist Pictures for Living Room Decor, Office or Den

Yes, in many cases, this minimalist drawing of a modern girl works well as living room wall art when placed on a large wall or behind the sofa. ~ Bob Pardue

How to Own this Line Art Drawing

This Modern Girlprint is available to own as:

  • professional framed artwork,
  • on stretched canvas,
  • wood
  • acrylic
  • and other variations

at my photography site; . See full details for ordering here..

I sure hope you enjoyed viewing my fine artwork today. Be sure and bookmark my site so you can check out more as I try to work on these as often as I can.

Oh, give me a comment or a share on Pinterest if you like. 🙂

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