Short Hemlines and the Sexy Mini Dress

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Photo by Bob Pardue

Are Shorter Dresses Gone – or are They Making a Comeback?

If you are bold enough to brave the shorter hemlines for the sake of fashion then you are the person to try on a new mini dress.

As you already know, in the world of fashion culture, whimsy styles come and go and then – they come back again.

It may take decades, but you will see these dresses again.

Fashion designers do, after all, want to offer something new each year to tempt their customers to buy this new fashion.

The Stable Hemline

As cuts and styles vary from year to year, hemlines tend to stay more stable, remaining de rigeur for a number of years.

These trends tend to follow patterns describing what’s going on on in the world. This is just what happened with the mini dress and skirt revolution of the early 1960’s.

Why the Mini Dress?

Economies were prospering, we were not yet at war in Vietnam and people were feeling pretty good about life.

A young designer named Mary Quant, selling her fashions out of a small shop in the hip Chelsea district of London, put these dresses on the international fashion map.

How Mini Dresses Began

Most professionals accept the fact that the mini dress began its journey with Mary Quant’s drawings of the short concept in the late 50’s, and were first a fashion must as “street clothes” for the Chelsea hip crowd.

Whether this fashion statement was an accident or by design, the short piece of clothing was an instant hit, quickly spreading from London to all over the world.

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Other Designers in Short Skirt Fashions

There are a few other designers, including Andre Courreges, the haute couture French designer, who launched the idea of showing off legs into the arena of public and international respectability.

He associated his white thigh-high “Courreges boot” with his new look thus gaining distinction in his particular take of the Mod statement.

Showing Her Legs in Her Shocking Mini Dress

When Diana Riggs showed up in mini dresses on the 1965 hit “The Avengers”, this popularized the outfit even more, making the Mod fashion style an institution.

The Great Australian Scandal

Supermodel Jean Shrimpton made headlines when she attended an Australian event wearing a short white mini dress. That and the fact that hat and gloves were not part of her ensemble nearly created an international situation in 1965 Australia.

What is a Mini Dress Anyhow?

The rule of thumb defines the short dress or skirt as one whose hemline is at least seven inches above the knee.

This being the case, it was not possible to wear the regular stockings and garters with the mini. Therefore, tights and pantyhose, often in exotic colors, patterns and embellishments became all the rage.

Popularity of the fad didn’t start to diminish until the mid 1970’s, when the mid-calf and maxi lengths including long sleeves came (back) into style.

Where is Fashion Headed?

Really, who knows. I just saw a photo of a female supermodel walking the runway in what appeared to be a feather duster with a belt in the middle (I’ll bet that tickled her) so what can you expect to see at this year’s show? Well, almost anything you can imagine!

Will the outfits be short or long? We’ll just have to wait and see what these eccentric designers will pull out of their proverbial hats, won’t we?

What about Now?

If you are young and have got the legs for it, these are good looking clothes! You just have to choose whether it’ll be a red or a little black mini dress tonight. Just don’t let your mini dresses or skirts get out of hand! To see a sample mini-dress and to purchase online simply go here for details.


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