See the Carlo Tivioli Spring & Summer Fashions for 2013 at Milan Fashion Week (Retro Video)

Just for fun, let’s see how far these fashion shows have come. We’re going to take a quick retro look at Milan Fashion Week 2013 and see what happened. I hope you enjoy this trip back in time.

MFW 13 Story: Yes, things are heating up quickly at Milan Fashion Week with new lines worn by beautiful female supermodels from Carlo Tivioli for 2013.

This video is from Fashion TV and I believe you’ll agree the clothes and designer coats are exciting and headed for a huge success trip down the runway.

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Watch the Models Display Excitement for the Milan Runway

Watch as these beautiful high fashion models strut their stuff, proud to wear new, sexy outfits from this well-known designer.

“The designer showcased his Spring and Summer 2013 collection during Milan Fashion Week in which the most luxurious furs and lightest coats were embraced onto the catwalk. Models walked down in green crocodile colored furs as well as teal, violet purple and grey colored furs.

Underneath were transparent leggings, pinstriped jumpers, high waist-ed flared mini skirts, luxurious leopard prints, golden slouchy and sheer trousers.

Silk fabrics and sheer silhouettes were other major highlights of the evening as well as dazzling silver jewelry and glamorous pin straight hair on the models.” – Fashion TV

So, the trend is all set for something you can wear next Spring or Summer – something cool for the warm days and something very hot that models who are females can wear for the cool weather.

The Word from Milan Fashion Week 13

In a sentence, fashion designer Carlo Tivioli has done it again!

Bob Pardue

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