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Taking your modelling career to the very next level can be done. But, you might need a great representative like MC2 Model Management New York or one of the other fine top agencies to do it. Read the transcript about MC2 and see if this rep can help you reach your goals in modeling.

Getting Listed with MC2 Model Management New York with Fashion One

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Always drinking champagne, I was discovered in Vancouver BC. Actually, it is kind of a funny story.

It begins when I was 12, and my best friend, his mom is my agent. I was at his house and she’s like; “oh you’re tall, like are you into modeling?”

Yeah sure! And then, after that it’s just pretty much signed. At that time, super super athletic, I love:

  • sports
  • soccer
  • softball
  • and football.

For sure, I get that from my dad.

My Love of Modelling

I love modeling. And, I’m a  kind of crazy person with lots of energy. I grew up listening to like classic rock.

My dad like always put that on as a kid. I always liked it but, I mean living in New York City; it’s like you have to be listening to rap! Because, everywhere you go it’s like, I’m being muttering two and a half years I’m from Japan Tokyo faster.

New York City is busy like japan. It’s very busy. But, there are many cultures then. I’ll cut different cultures.

So yeah, I’m interested.

Who is MC2 Model Management Company?

MC2 is buying far boutique agency. With three locations, the Miami office is a much more commercial marketplace.

Tel Aviv is its own individual market, and its own country, having:

  • its own magazines
  • and its own campaigns.

MC2 Modeling New York focuses on high fashion, real management personal management of the girls.

After launching here, we work in an environment where you have a more boutique atmosphere, with a smaller group of models.

You know what? You can be more deliberate about what you want your talent to do. I’m involved myself in all aspects of the day-to-day operation.

My business partners on the Brinell is one of the last the legendary agents in the business. And, he’s highly involved in the recruitment and scouting.

We have some of the best girls that we’ve been launching currently. Relaxing, just like a whole new crop of girls right now.

And, the reception from the various clients and designers has just been overwhelming!

The MC2 Models

One girl in particular that I wish was here today to join us for this interview is Louise. But, she’s actually walking in Ralph Lauren as we as we speak.

Louise comes from a very good family in France. And, she’s kind of on the forefront of things at the moment.

We’ve had a lot of success the last few seasons with Anastasia Lagoon BCBG campaign. She has done the Dior shows too.

We also have Lisa Lewis, another French girl that’s departing for the shows in Europe tomorrow. Amy has been really well received. And, it was really exciting that we were able to confirm her for the food you air campaign.

Katie O’Neill has been just a breakout this this season.

Alexander Collins, which is another great Canadian girl, that did the shows this season.

One of the highlights for her was a Carmen Marc Valvo.

So, we’ve been increasing our our scouting presence as much as possible. I’ve been scouting myself predominantly in the last year in the United States.

Jean-Luc deals with most of the international, traveling Eastern Europe, Russia & Ukraine. We  have an office in Israel so that’s a much closer to Europe.

So, the director of the Tel Aviv office doesn’t scout throughout Europe, yorking the pinnacle, sort of the for lack of better words.

Some MC2 Model Requirements & Open Calls

The Olympics of the business the criteria is a little bit more astringent. When we definitely want tall girls, think the ideal height for a model is 5′ 10″.

We do have open calls so people can stop by the offices. We accept emails too. Those emails arrive on the booking table and people review them.

You can tag us on Instagram. Also, you know you can send it to us on Facebook. Or, models can just walk in the door of the agency.

We’re a pretty intimate agency here. It’s not particularly corporate. We don’t have somebody working at the front desk that is going to screen people out.

I think the most important thing, if you’re going to send something to an agency to be reviewed for for possibly being signed by the agency, is to send very, very clear – just digital pictures in swimwear so we can see your figures.

Got to get some nice head and shoulder shots too. I like to see you full length. Would like to see..

  • your side profiles
  • full-length both sides
  • your profile head and shoulders shot both sides.
  • hair down hair back, etc.

Yyou know, the more you can show us the better.

It is the the show’s.

Obviously, you know what? Girls that are a size 0 2 a 2 and the higher-end designers really want the girls slimmer.

Age Requirements

I don’t really care how old you are. If you’re 25, but you look like you’re 19, I’m good with that.

Starting the models young is so that they can get the experience they need and can grow in confidence.

They can learn how to model and so when they are on the main stage at 18 years old for 22 years old, and they begin in the fashion world doing the shows at 18 in New York, that they know what they’re doing.

MC2 Photo Shoots

When you go to a photo shoot, there’s a certain crew, there’s a certain amount of people on set. And, I think that the models really need to be able to assess what’s going on, because all those people then leave that photo shoot, and they promote you.

And now, it’s even easier! They’re promoting you on:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook & other social media platforms.

Summing up the MC2 Model Management New York Video

MC2 Model Management New York

“When you go to a photo shoot, there’s a certain crew, there’s a certain amount of people on set.”

What I did today, worked with this amazing young girl today. She was so interesting and beautiful!

They tell their other people in the business they’re friends with you.

Don’t know, they might  have a job the next Ganga. Like you know, we really are looking for an amazing brunette.

I just worked with one the next day.

So, we do our job promoting the models. We are:

  • submitting on jobs
  • making introductions
  • having to meet photographers, designers, casting directors, ad agencies too.

But, you know now what they can do.


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