Maternity Modeling Tips

How to Get Started with Maternity Modeling

During pregnancy women need clothes to fit their changing shape.

There is a huge industry specializing in maternity clothes, which are now fashionable and are cut to fit every body shape.

Maternity Modeling Tips

Maternity Modeling Tips

Why Do Companies Need Pregnant Models?

In order to advertise their products shops and designers need maternity models of all shapes and sizes and at different stages of pregnancy to show off their clothes.

So, if you are pregnant and want to start learning how to become a model then you’ll want to read on ..

What Opportunities Are There for Maternity Modeling?

There is also a high demand for pregnant models to feature in medical and parenting magazines, online guides and websites.

They are also used in advertising aimed at expectant mums for pregnancy and baby products.

Due to this vast range of topics, publishers and advertising agencies need models of various ages at different stages of pregnancy and with the looks to suit their campaign.

Whether you are already a model and would like to keep working though out your pregnancy or you would simply like to give modeling a try and show off your baby bump, this is a great way to earn extra money.

What If I’m a New Model?

If you are new to modeling you will need to create a portfolio.

This is a selection of photographs which you can send to companies to publish or to send to agencies who are recruiting maternity models.

It is best to use a professional photographer to help you produce a portfolio.

Be sure to look at their previous work first and find out if they are experienced in producing a modeling portfolio.

When you have found your photographer you can discuss what you need and they may be able to give you helpful advice.

What Do I Need for a Pregnancy Model Photo Shoot?

Take a selection of clothes with you to the photo shoot to show your figure and different looks.

Once you are happy with your portfolio photos you can either send them to modeling agencies or contact companies directly to look for work.

How Do I Find a Maternity Model Agency?

Many companies looking for models use agencies. The application process usually involves sending photos to the agency and perhaps an interview.

An informal call to a modeling agency can give you an idea of how much work is available and the amount of money you can expect for each assignment.

The agency will book assignments for you and deal with payment. They will also be able to give you some maternity modeling tips that will help you to improve your portfolio if you are new to modeling.

How Do I Apply for Maternity Modeling Jobs?

Some advertising agencies and magazines accept applications directly from models. You can find out via the Internet or by calling them yourself.

Be sure to keep track of photos you send out, the company or magazine may wish to use the photo you send in their advertising or they may invite you to a photo shoot.

Many agencies will provide you with a chaperone to accompany you to photo shoots if you wish, however you may need to pay for this.

Should I Bring Along a Friend?

Taking someone with you is a good idea if you are meeting the photographer for the first time, or going to a location you are not familiar with.

In the later stages of pregnancy you may want someone with you to help you to change clothes or to drive you to and from the photo shoot.

During fashion shows pregnant models are needed to show off clothes on the catwalk.

This can be great fun and you will get to try out the latest in maternity fashion as it hits the shops.

Modeling during pregnancy can also lead to mother and baby assignments after the birth of your child.

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