Management Agencies For Models

Why Consider Local Model Management Agencies – Why Not International?

This quick tutorial goes over some of the myths and facts about management agencies for models, and I hope you will find some insight to help your career. Let’s get started.

What if You’re not Quite NY Major Model Market Material?

Okay, so you’re not Seven Feet Tall and Size 0!! What now? ..

management agencies for models

management agencies for models

A female model is turned down by Elite, Wilhelmina or IMG modeling agencies in New York or Miami.

Should she give up?

management companies for modelsNope, not yet! There are local modeling companies with opportunities in most bigger cities and some small towns for girls and guys who want to make a career of modeling.

And, I’ve included modeling agency tips on this site to help you find and apply to them.

Even if you don’t have all the physical requirements for the New York City top model agencies, don’t give up hope!

There are other options for you.

Let’s take a look at Hollywood as an example ..

Hollywood has thousands of actors / actresses working on movie sets all over the world. But, you’ll see very few superstars. We can’t all be a Julia Roberts or Russel Crowe. The same goes for modeling.

There are models who don’t have all the features of Cindy Crawford who are happily working in the modeling industry even though it’s not high fashion.

Granted, they are not making the same money as Cindy. But hey, are you in modeling just for the money?

If so, I would suggest choosing a different profession you really enjoy!

Where Do You Find Management Agencies For Models?

If you feel you would be better suited for a local market, I’ve listed modeling companies by state for you to contact.

Please check out these agencies and talk to their references. If you are serious and really want to be a model, apply to some of these local modeling agents.

Better still, talk to some working models who’ve been around for a while and maybe they can recommend a good model management agency for you.

I will discuss modeling scams in a different chapter of my newsletter so beware!This information about management agencies for models is short and sweet. But, you’ll find plenty of other tips and tutorials for how to become a model on this website. Bookmark and come back often! – Bob Pardue

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