modeling portfolioIf you’re looking to break into the world of modeling and get discovered – just as hundreds of other girls and young women want to do, then you’ve probably heard that you need to put together a modeling portfolio to show to agencies and potential clients.

These quick steps will help get you started in the right direction.

The Task at Hand – How to Create Model Pictures to Impress

Assembling a portfolio book can seem like a daunting task, and you may have doubts about whether you need one at all. This article will help you learn more about creating these important pictures and get you on your way to becoming a model.

What is a Model Portfolio?

A modeling portfolio is a collection of your best photographs that you can show to agencies and to potential employers.

Whether you are a new model or an established one, it’s important for you to have a portfolio that showcases what makes you unique. This means that it should have only your best pictures and display a variety of poses.

Hiring Model Portfolio Photographers

If possible, have the pictures for your modeling portfolios taken by the best professional photographer you can find. This can be expensive, but if your photos are low quality, then the focus will be more on the quality rather than the content.

Photographers can be found in a number of places – you may have friends who are studying photography or who are hobby photographers.

They can assist you for a low cost, or even for free. Make sure your cameraman (or woman) knows what the agency requires including types of shots, any special lighting situations, outfits, poses, etc. to give you the best chance at landing modeling jobs.

What Photos Should Modeling Portfolios Include?

When assembling your portfolio, there are certain pictures that you must have. Your portfolio should have at least two head shots – one of you smiling, and one of you with a serious expression.

A profile head shot is also a good idea to include. You should also have a full body shot so that agencies can see how you are proportioned. Some agencies also want the model book to include a swimsuit shot, so keep that in mind.

This is the minimum for your portfolio, and often it is plenty to satisfy most local modeling agencies in most areas. However, you can also include more photos if you wish, but try not to go over 12 photos. Remember to select only your best shots – choose quality over quantity.

Double Exposure – Book and Online Portfolios

You should place your model portfolio photographs in a hard case with protective (photographic) sheets, and keep it professional.

To get more exposure and have a ready page to show clients, you may also want to set up jpg images for an online portfolio. This can be updated as you take new photos and accessed from anywhere. Good luck with your modeling endeavors and have a happy career as a model!

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