M.R.T. Episode 21: South Carolina Road Trip

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Since I am an SC native, I found this video showcasing a South Carolina road trip very interesting. I know most of the areas and attractions shown so I’m happy to share the travel video with you.

So, sit back and enjoy this exciting virtual trip to South Carolina from Magnum’s Road Trips with me.

Want to Relax? Take a Virtual South Carolina Road Trip on Video

First, I want to share a little information with you about the Palmetto State and what to expect.

South Carolina road trip

About SC — Possibilities and Rich Heritage

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the rich history of South Carolina.

Founded by the English in 1670, South Carolina ratified the 1788 Constitution. Because of the area’s fertile soil, its early economy was largely agricultural.

Over 100 golf courses are located along South Carolina’s coastline near Myrtle Beach, which has become one of the premier resort destinations on the East Coast. Some of the most famous South Carolinians are musicians such as…

  • James Brown,
  • Chubby Checker,
  • Leon Everette
  • and Dizzy Gillespie.

Famous SC novelist and others include…

  • Writer Pat Conroy,
  • boxer Joe Frazier,
  • tennis champion Althea Gibson,
  • and long-serving senator Strom Thurmond

& others join the group of SC natives who achieved names for themselves.

So, South Carolina is rich in history, music, politics and other arts making one of the most influential states in the United States — especial for traveling adventurers.

Now you know the rest of the story. With that said, get inspired by some of these favorite Palmetto State trip ideas to plan your own getaway today!

Watch the Video and Take Your SC Tour of Places and Attractions

About the video:

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the 21st episode of “Magnum’s Road Trips”! In this episode, I showcase the biggest highlights of our trips to South Carolina. (DISCLAIMER: NOT ALL OF THESE PHOTOS WERE TAKEN DURING THE SAME Road Trip.).

All of the photos in this slideshow are taken by me. Ready for a virtual SC road trip? Then, check out this slideshow. Hope you all enjoy the video! Please leave a comment, and subscribe…..



I hope this South Carolina road trip and photos inspire and delights you to the point where you plan a visit to the Palmetto State. And remember, you’ll enjoy “smiling faces and beautiful places” when you arrive so; Ya’ll come!

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