Stock Photo Luxor Hotel & Casino Las Vegas NV

Stock Photo Luxor Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Nevada USA by Bob Pardue

Jean & I continuously traveling to the southwestern / western USA. When we do get to go, Las Vegas, Nevada remains on our itinerary sheet. I’m sure happy we do! Can’t wait to get to Vegas and the Luxor again!

So, now you know, one of our favorite places to stay remains the Luxor Casino & Hotel.

One of my stock photo assignments in Nevada led Jean & I to create these Luxor Las Vegas stock images.

Additionally, I want to share some of the main features of the Luxor in a video I found (below).

When you watch this, you might even become infatuated with Luxor Hotel enough to travel on over to the Southwestern United States to see for yourself!

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Las Vegas NV – Luxor Las Vegas Stock Images

Caption: Stock Image of Luxor Casino and Hotel located in Las Vegas Nevada USA

Description: You’ll find no place in the United States quite like this Vegas resort. The Luxor Casino and Hotel is one of the most unusual destinations in the world, located on the ever-changing Las Vegas Boulevard, South strip. Additionally, it’s architecture with an Egyptian pyramid design theme displays an unmistakable iconic image of what Las Vegas Nevada offers.

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Video: Walk Through of a Luxor Las Vegas One Bedroom Suite

Transcript of the Las Vegas Luxor Walk Thru Video

Are you ready everybody?
We are at the Luxor, gonna do a tour of the tower one bedroom suite. Oh, housekeeping is cleaning outside so, we’ve got a loud vent at the end of the hall. But, this is the entrance into the suite, a nice little spacious suite.
And, coming into the suite is your living room / dining room area.
Okay, we’ll get over there in just a second, but immediately to your right is a connecting door so if you had another room you wanted to connect to this week, that would be your access point.
Dining Room
This is your dining room area so here as you see you’ve got a dining room table for two.
And, this is a cleaning notice just to let you know that they’ve been cleaning the room
Next, we have a welcome note They’re doing at a lot of the properties so this is a goodie bag gift for you. It includes some hand sanitizer, together with a face mask for your cleanliness and protection.
The Wet Bar
Now, as you see over here you have a wet bar. This is a nice sized wet bar so you got your sink here. Also, you’ve got an ice bucket in cups over there along with a coffee maker that is included with plenty of counter space.
Check out your mini refrigerator so you can keep your drinks cool & store excess stuff above.
As you see, you’ve got two chairs here. Then, you have a flat screen tv set

You have a couch. Okay, it’s not a pull out bed. It’s just a standard couch so

if you need an extra bed, there’s no pull out. But,  I believe you can call for a roll away bed if needed.

The One Bedroom Luxor View

Here’s the view you get from the living room. So, as you know Luxor is second to the end of the south end of the Las Vegas Strip.
But, you get a nice city view of the strip from this angle.
The Bedroom
I’m now headed into the one bedroom area of the Luxor.
As you see, you have a private door to isolate the bedroom from the living dining room. This is your bedroom. You’ll find a really nice & spacious bedroom.
And then, as you come in to the right behind the door is another flat screen tv. So, you get two flat screen tv sets which is really great!
Next, you’ve got some drawers down here to store something if you like.
Another View
As you see, you get most of the city with small partial parts of the strip. But, that’ll be your view from this room.

A Luxor Hotel Office?

Here, you have a work desk area. So, if you need to handle some business or do some
things while you’re in town, you’ve got a space to do so.
The Bed
Here is your nice king-sized bed. It’s a really nice bed with overhead reading lamps included above on this side.
Bedroom Accessories
Also, the room includes a clock radio. So, if you need an alarm (even though most of
us use our phones), you’ve got that available.
Down below you have an in-room safe. it’s super low but you do have it bedside. This way, if you need to lock up your valuables, you can do so.
These switches control some of the lighting bedside in the room.

I’m satisfied with this very convenient  bedroom area.

Bathroom Area
For the finale’, let’s check out the bathroom.
You’ll discover a nice sized bathroom, keeping with the Egyptian decor of the Luxor.
Closet Space
Here is your closet. And, as soon as you come in you’ve got an iron with a luggage rack below.
It also includes an ironing board and a hair dryer of course with the hangers.
Also, you’ll enjoy…
  • his and her sinks
  • huge mirror you got plenty of mirror
  • plenty of lighting
Stock photo Luxor Las Vegas Nevada

Rights Managed Stock photo of Luxor Las Vegas Nevada by Bob Pardue

So, for those of you who need lighting for those angles and those good photos, you do have plenty of lighting in here.

Over here is your toilet area. Yes, it’s kind of weird that it’s off to the cut here.
Then, going this way, you see a nice soaking tub separate from the standing shower.
So, they do give you a split part of the bathroom which is pretty cool, right?
Here’s your standing tub or soaking tub and then your standing shower. It’s a good size standing shower — nothing too special but it is a cool look. Goes with the flow of the room.
Okay, that does it for this Luxor walk-through video. If you enjoyed the video or have something to add, please comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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