You Can Look Good In Your Modeling Photos

It’s a fact that, especially beginner models are constantly asking how they can look good in photos and there is no cut and dry answer.

However, there are some things you can do in your model photo shoot to look absolutely gorgeous – believe me?

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Some Model Photo Shoot Tips to Remember!

Well, it’s true! Little things mean a lot when you step in front of the camera so make sure you are prepared to excite the lens.

These are basic tips but important ones!

1. How to avoid a double chin

To get rid of that double chin simply point your chin down a bit and try to stay about eye level with the camera.

2. Lose some weight or contour

Looking Good In Photos

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A fact is that the camera can add pounds where you don’t have them so working to get a slim body is a plus.

If you don’t have a lot of time to lose weight then you can slim your face with makeup.

Just contour your cheeks using a darker shade right below the jaw line.

This gives the effect of a thinner, more beautiful face and high cheekbones.

3. Use powder

Just ask any of my models. They’ll tell you I’m  a fanatic about using powder to take the “oily skin” look away. I will not do a picture of even my most favorite model without patting her face with powder first.

This will give you that mat finish in your pictures and give you a more “professional model” look. That is what you are going for, isn’t it?

Well, you can watch the quick video above to see more and there is a section on my site about model posing which will help with style, etc.

So, enjoy your photo shoot with the confidence you are going to look stunning with these little pieces of advice. See you on the cover! – Bob Pardue

Learn More about Looking Good in Photos

]If you want to learn even more about looking good in photos then you’ll want to read the book; “How to look good in photos: His and hers tips and tricks.” It will give you even more ideas to spice up your pictures.


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