long sleeve dresses for women

long sleeve dresses for women

The Top 10! Winter time is fast approaching so what fashion designer dress will you wear to keep warm? You’ll choose a long sleeved dress I hope. So, I want you to scan this list of the top 10 long sleeve dresses for women to add style to your winter wardrobe.

This year, don’t just wear a dress – make a statement. Yes, let them know you are a true fashionista who can choose winter outfits to draw the eyes of “you know who.

Anyhow, without hesitation, look at the ten winter dresses I’ve researched to find a few to add to your wardrobe. Then, don’t keep these dresses in the closet – wear them!

Now, get into your fashion shopping mood, cozy up to your computer or phone, and imagine how amazing you will look when you dress up in high fashion dresses for those long, winter months.

Okay, let’s get going…

Want Style? Check Out These Top 10 Long Sleeve Dresses for Women & Experience the Power of Wearing a Fashion Winter Dress!

ONE: Simier Fariry Women Long Sleeve Pleated Polka Dot Pocket Swing Casual Midi Dress

With a swirling lower flow, the Simier Fariry long sleeve pleated dress gives you the power to whisk away winter blues. Yes, this winter outfit just says; “Happy.”

“Well worth the price! I took a gamble on this Amazon purchase. But, it was well worth it!

The material is indeed very soft and breathable, and the fact that it has pockets is awesome.

Since I am 5ft 9in and 165 lb, the medium size dress fit me very comfortably.

But remember, if you have a larger bosom a size up may be needed. The material is stretchy but I have an A cup and any bigger may have been an issue.

TWO: Jouica Women’s Winter Casual Long Sleeve Plain Pleated Dresses T-Shirt Dress with Pockets

If you are into pleated dresses, the price alone will sway you into owning this long sleeve dress.

You’ll find several positive customer reviews for this ensemble including this one..

“Comfy & pretty dress! This fall & winter dress pleasantly surprised me. I didn’t expect an online dress to look right and fit great but I lucked out!

I’m 5’2 and 129 lbs. So, the medium fit me perfect. You’ll find this is a very comfy dress and it looks great!

Oh, I love the wine color!

And, I will be buy another color for January.

I have only one negative thought. The dress wrinkles easily.

So, make sure you have time to hang it up in a hot steamy shower bathroom before you wear it.”

THREE: JOYCHEER Womens Sweater Dresses Sexy V Neck Backless Long Batwing Sleeves Mini Bodycon Dress

If you’re feeling sexy — This lovely dress features a pullover style.

It comes complete with a detachable waist belt.

And, the long sleeve plus v design in front and back makes it a very saucy, slim fit knitted dress.

No reviews yet as this winter dress was not long added to the catalog.

But, maybe you’ll be the first to write one!

FOUR: Lamilus Women’s Elegant O-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Fit Casual Work Party A-Line Mini Dress

Wearing a dress that slims you down and wears well is a blessing.

And, this warm, long sleeve casual dress works well with your new coat!

My problem area is tummy and this dress is flattering.

It may be too short if you are over 5’ 5”.

But, wear it with leggings and it still would be cute.

FIVE: GLOSTORY Women’s Long Sleeve Slim Fit Winter Bodycon Pullover Sweater Dresses

Slim is the key word here.

This stylish winter dress has long sleeves and a bit of a tight fit to show off your curves.

Also,  the GLOSTORY long sleeve knee length body con sweater dress comes made from High quality fabrics. 

It features narrow cuts and unique lines. 

Fortunately, the fashion collection is influenced by international travel and metropolitan lifestyle.

Finally, the dress makes an ideal gift for Thanksgiving, her birthday, or Christmas day!

SIX: Lark & Ro Women’s Long Sleeve Gathered Lace Fit and Flare Dress

First, if you look at the picture, Lark & Ro dresses go hand-in-hand with your new Chelsea boots and fashion accessories.

In fact, the winter dress & boots say; “I am woman, watch me roar!” so you can become more confident as a model.

And, this fit-and-flare dress features sheer long sleeves and a round neckline giving you a slim, but positive look.

“I work in events. So, this means I often have to wear fancy heels and dresses while also doing…

  • heavy lifting
  • running across long stretches of event space
  • and climbing up and down and every which way.

Flare Dresses & Cocktail Parties

I recently wore this dress to a cocktail event I was working. And, I loved that it was a full coverage top, so I could wear my back support girdle and a full bra underneath.

That’s why, the Lark & Ro made my days and nights much more tolerable – even if my feet were miserable in heels.

How does this winter dress fit? Well, I’m 5’9″, 160 lbs and the size 8 fit like a glove.

But, I had some issues with the zipper right out of the package. So, as usual, a drop or two of WD40 on the zipper fixed that quirk. 

By the next day it zipped up smoothly enough for me to be able to dress myself in a bathroom stall (like I always have to do at events.)”

SEVEN: Cable Stitch Women’s Stripe Ribbed Dress

Long & sleek describes this Cable Stitch winter dress. If your goal is to look taller, wear this ensemble with heels.

In fact, just like the Lark & Ro, high heeled boots add to the perfection of your fashion style wardrobe.

This dress looks and fits exactly like the picture! It is gorgeous.

Also, the ribbed dress contains a thick, heavier knit so it does not show every lump and bump on my body.

In fact, I don’t have to shape-wear under it to feel comfortable with the end result.

Since I’m 5’10” 160 lbs., I purchased the medium size and it fits perfectly.

My conclusion? Yes, this dress is well worth the price.

EIGHT: MUXXN Women’s 1950s Vintage 3/4 Sleeve Rockabilly Swing Dress

If you love retro fashion, head back to the future with a dress styled from the 50’s!

Although this dress is not quite long-sleeved, it fits nicely into your winter wardrobe.

I love it! And, it loves me back!

The fabric is great. And, it features thick material. So, ladies –  if you are wearing this in the fall/winter/spring, its perfect.

But, this dress is not made for summer so don’t even try.

The design is beautiful because…

  1. the darting is in the right place
  2. the waist is positioned perfectly.
  3. The structure enhances my shape.
  4. The material is also flexible/stretchable and therefore allows for your body to make the material conform to it.

You’ll find a full length zipper in the back with an easy slider.

No doubt, the rockabilly swing dress makes you look fabulous since it provides a natural hour glass shape and hides anything from the upper waist on down.

With that said, the one issue I found is that the sleeves are extremely fitted (and I have relatively slim/athletic arms).

Hurry, don’t miss your chance to dress up in 1950’s luxury!

NINE: AUSELILY Women Long Sleeve Loose Plain Maxi Dresses Casual Long Dresses with Pockets

With a bit of a look from the 1960 era, the Auselily maxi dress shows off nothing – and everything!

It features pockets which is unusual in dress design. But, you’ll love keeping your hands warm in those pockets when you forget to wear your winter coat!

“I got this dress for my best friend and she loves it. And, she looked amazing wearing it. The quality is really good. She is a size 16 and ordered a 1X. Perfect fit.”

“I love this dress!! So, I wear it ALL the time.

The quality is great!

I’m 5’1 so I normally have a big issue with things not fitting me in length.

However, this long sleeve maxi dress fits me perfectly.

Yes, the outfit works best when I wear just a small heel. But, I can still wear flats and make do.

Yes, I would recommend it to anyone.”

TEN: AUTOMET Women’s Polka Dot Midi Dress Pockets Button Down Swing Dress Spring Fall Winter

Do you love polka dots? Then, give this winter fashion dress a whirl! It comes with lots of dots and a fashion style you’ll absolutely love!

The Automet midi dress fit me perfectly.

Also, it’s classy but very form fitting.

This dress is a wonderful thick material, shaped to go under. To me, that really made the overall look.

The polka dots got me rave compliments all night at the last party I attended.

All in all, this turned out to be a fantastic purchase.

Yes, I love the dress and plan to wear again.

Great Buy! And, no, you won’t regret purchasing this dress..”

Dresses With Long Sleeves Can Be Beautiful Too!

Today, I would certainly wager that there are more females who want long sleeve dresses for winter than sleeveless outfits. Despite the fact that it’s become more fashionable to reveal as much skin as possible, the ones with sleeves are in demand.

How do you feel about skin vs. style vs. warmth?

Long Sleeve Dresses Who’s Time Is Past?

Most women totally forgot about the amazing long sleeve dresses of years ago.

But, if you’re looking for something unique and beautiful, classy but breathtaking, this apparel might just be what you’re looking for.

After all, since everyone else is going with the new fashion flow, why not be different?

Long Sleeve Dresses Give A Touch Of Class

Unlike short sleeved or sleeveless fashions, this clothing provides a sense of refined class.

If you’re heading off to an elegant dinner party, you don’t want to show up looking like you just got back from a night in Las Vegas.

These dress designs evoke a beautiful taste that not lots of women use anymore.

Yes, the outfits can be classic for lots of reasons, the crucial being the impressive sensual air they bring. These women’s fashion clothes are certainly in for a come back!

See more long sleeve dress examples ..

Sleeves Spark Interest

Another wonderful benefit this long sleeve style of dress provides is how subtle, and yet interesting they can be.

By simply changing the style of the sleeve, you provide a powerful punch and get some exciting looks.

The Long Sleeve Fashion Style Dresses

There are countless styles with a longer sleeve from bell to tapered; even jeweled cloth could be worked into a designer fashion. No matter how you spin it, wearing this dress provides unique tastes that other gowns just can’t duplicate.

Long Sleeved Wedding Gowns

If you are hoping to find a long sleeve wedding dress or maybe a dress for the prom, it could be a challenge.

But, don’t give up yet! Shop around at your local thrift shops and you may find the perfect used long sleeve wedding gown.

Can Sleeves Get Back Your Figure?

Of all the things this beautiful fashion can do for your figure, above all they’re eye catching.

Truth is, men love mystery. And, by not showing all the skin on your body, there’s a sense of allusiveness. The opposite sex finds this very noticeable in a woman.

Long Sleeve Dresses Provide Practicality And Warmth for Women

It might seem weird to you that wearing more can do all these awesome things. But, they can.

Along with enticing a very stunning and classy fashion look, long sleeve dresses provide a practical use in the winter.

By wearing these fashionable dresses with long sleeves, your arms and wrists won’t become chilled.

And, no matter how beautiful the winter is, being cold is never fun!

Cover The Arms And Lose The Self-Conscious Feelings

Fitness experts and fashion photographers around the world will tell you that, the most difficult part of your body to maintain is the under forearm.

And, although this is true, this should never stop you from looking great.

So, throwing some long sleeve dresses into your wardrobe helps you hide your arms on the days that you didn’t head off to the gym.

By wearing a sleeveless top, it’s near impossible to feel great about yourself – especially when you think everyone in the world is staring at your arms.

Restock Your Closet with Long Sleeve Dresses – Wear Something Different Tonight!

While these types of fashion dresses don’t have to be all your wardrobe consists of, it never hurts to wear something different.

You’ll agree, the saying that less is more is the absolute truth.

No Matter What Shape – Long Sleeve Dresses for Women Enhances

So remember, it doesn’t matter about your…

  • age
  • weight
  • or height.

No, you don’t have to be a model or an actress to look amazing!

Wearing long sleeve dresses can take care of that for you. Now, get dressed up and have some fun!