Liu Wen

Liu Wen – The Amazing Story of Liu Wen Chinese Model

How in the world does a beautiful, yet unknown girl get from a small town in China to one of the top female supermodels in the network?

Well, this is a fascinating biography of Liu Wen, Chinese model and it should be an inspiration to you if you’ve suffered any setbacks in your career.

Check out her story and see what happens!

Liu Wen

Liu Wen

Top Female Supermodels – Liu Wen

I love to go just a bit off the top 5 world class model list and dig for females who really stand out from the crowd – but are not quite number one yet.

This girl from a small town in China really intrigued me and now I want to share her story with you for inspiration.

Her name is Liu Wen and, with her success from an oppressed country such as China, this should inspire you to work even harder on your modeling career and overcoming the challenges in your road to getting listed as a serious talent.

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Liu Wen – From the Start

Superstar Liu Wen is a fashion model who was born on 27th January in the year 1988 in a city in the Hunan province of China.

Since China had created the policy of a family only having one child she was the only child in the family.

Her mother encouraged her to be professional talent when she was a teen, in which she had to learn how to eat well so that she could join a modeling contest and this is how Liu Wen was discovered.

Liu Wen Body Measurements

As we have looked over in previous modeling tutorials height, weight and body measurements are very important in high fashion, although every female model does not fit the mold.

So, I’ve included Liu Wen body measurement in this biography so you’ll know.

  • Height: 5 ft 10½
  • Weight: 110 lbs.
  • Body Type: Slim
  • Body Measurements: 31 – 23 – 34 inches with a dress size of 4.
  • Bra Size: 31 1/2 B
  • Shoe Size: 8

Now you know many of the vital statistics. Do you have to have a Liu Wen dress size to qualify?

Absolutely not but to become a fashion model at least try to stay within the fashion model requirements as much as you can while still remaining healthy.

Joining Silk Road

She later started with a modeling contest in the year 2005, where she joined the new Silk Road world model contest in which she lost the crown to a sexy international cover girl named Du Juan.

But, she did not lose hope – she began to work as a full time model thus she became a topic of a success story nationally when she appeared on the cover of the Chinese FHM.

Marilyn Talent Agency Signs Liu Wen

Since then she accepted an offer of joining the Chinese fashion magazine as a model.

In late 2007 she managed to get the attention of the international fashion industry where she appeared in Cosmo editorial in clothes that were designed by Karl Lagerfeld and Victor Rolf where she later did the walk for the firms.

In 2008, she was invited to Paris and signed in with Marilyn talent agency, an international company.

Getting on the International Catwalk

In February, 2007 she was in 4 fashion related articles featured in the Chinese version of Vogue Magazine.

She then debuted on the runways which were international in the same month which marked the closing of the Trussadi show in Milan.

In 2009 she appeared in seven different shows.

This really catapulted her career as she was later declared the first Chinese woman who will walk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show where she even participated in the 2010 show.

From Milan to Paris

During the spring season Liu walked for 70 shows in New York City, Milan and Paris. As per date she has been ranked among the top ten in 2012.

The Future for Liu Wen Looks Bright

Don’t you believe we’ll be seeing a lot more from this beautiful model? I sure do!

I look forward to reading more success stories of Miss Wen and expanding on her biography in the near future!

Your Vision to Become a Female Model

Now, use this inspiring story to start your own modeling career and make your mark in the industry!

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