How Lingerie Models Compare to High Fashion Network

If you don’t know a lot about modeling, you may wonder what sets certain types of models apart from others. Today, we’ll have some fun and cover lingerie models vs high fashion and see who wins! Well, both are winners of course (Look at the Victoria’s Secret angels)

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Okay, seriously what’s the difference between women who model lingerie, and the women Lingerie models vs high fashionwho get jobs with high fashion designers? While there are some key differences, there are some shared elements as well.

High Fashion Modeling Figures

High fashion models are frequently very thin. Many designers have said that they prefer working with thin models because of the way clothes hang on their body; it’s closer to the effect you’d get by putting an article of clothing on a hanger.

In addition, these female fashion models often have an unusual appearance. They may have features that are striking in a way that doesn’t fall in line with what’s conventionally attractive, such as overly large eyes. Designers love to work with models like this because they have a very dramatic appearance.

Female lingerie model posingIt’s the Curves – the Curves!

In contrast, women wearing sexy lingerie as models are almost always conventionally attractive and absolutely are not shy at all about their bodies. While they’re often thin, they tend to have larger breasts and hips.

Some lingerie models are even considered to be plus sized. While these models have attractive faces, their body is considered to be their biggest asset. They need to be able to make lingerie look great.

On the outside, it looks like no one woman could fit into both of these categories. However, there are a number of women who have had a lot of success in the high fashion world and a lot of success modeling lingerie.

The Victoria’s Secret Angels vs High Fashion

For example, many of Victoria’s Secret’s most successful models have fronted campaigns for major high fashion designers. A lot of them also get a lot of runaway work, particularly during various fashion weeks. How is it that these lingerie or high fashion models are able to bridge the gap between two worlds that are so different?

These female models are mainly able to succeed because they’re incredible good at adapting. They have features that can change dramatically with the right hair and makeup.

The women who work in this field are able to look extraordinarily attractive, but they’re also able to have the strange and alien appearance that many high fashion designers crave.

In addition, these women tend to have breasts and hips that are large when compared to many in high fashion modeling, but small when compared to a number of lingerie models.

They fall in between the two categories, allowing them to book jobs with a wide range of designers.

It’s clear that being able to adapt is one of the biggest assets a model can have. When you look at the top models in the world, you’ll see that they’re able to do everything, from catalog work to runaway walks to television commercials. The best models can do it all.

How to be a lingerie model vs high fashion

If you’re interested in becoming a lingerie model, or to work in high fashion fields, you should work at taking good photos under a variety of conditions. This will enable you to work in more categories, and will increase your overall chances of success. Not everyone can do it all, but the world’s top models are always able to.


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I hope this cleared up your questions about lingerie models vs high fashion and will help you decide which network you fit into – maybe both? Remember, only you can make the decision for the type modeling you really want to do. If you have the look as the VS models do, maybe the right jobs will come when you start making contacts.