lifestyle modeling

If your dream of being a high fashion model is going sour, I want to tell you about the “other” model type you might consider.

Lifestyle Modeling - The Other Model Type

Lifestyle Modeling

It’s called lifestyle modeling and there is a giant market waiting for you in this field.

What is Lifestyle Modeling? – The Other Modeling Type

This video shows a woman who does lifestyle modeling. And, she is a mom with seven children! It is by model Tricia Harmon.

What is Lifestyle Modeling Anyhow?

Basically, lifestyle modeling is pretty much exactly as it sounds. It involves mainly editorial or advertising “slice of life” pictures.

If you can show expressions and follow directions you can do this real life type modeling.

With that said, if you have the look you can engage in both lifestyle modeling and fashion so this will give you more opportunities for model jobs if you are willing to lower your aim a bit.

At least you’re working at something you love to do, right? Once you learn to model and exhaust your other options, lifestyle might be a breath of fresh air.

Try it out and see if posing for lifestyle pictures is a career worth shooting for. Best of luck. – Bob Pardue


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