Lifestyle Model Poses

Lifestyle Model Poses – Commercial Model Posing

Modeling comes in many different forms like commercial models, promotional, high fashion and runway. So, girl or guy can easily find too many choices when it comes to a modeling career. Becoming more common are lifestyle model poses which go along with commercial modeling.

One part of the entertainment arena many models neglect is commercial work. This is not quite as competitive as the fashion world.

And, you might want to learn some lifestyle model poses just in case you want to step into this career.

lifestyle model poses

lifestyle model poses

With that said, practice these pose ideas until they are picture perfect before your photo shoot. Let’s look at a few tips.

Learn Lifestyle Model Poses and Techniques for Commercial Modeling

This lesson is about how to perform lifestyle model poses and getting started in this lucrative field. For more modeling tips, subscribe to my e-zine before you leave.

What is Lifestyle Modeling?

Basically, it is just as it sounds. Also known as commercial modeling, these pictures are used in a variety of situations for product advertisements.

Also, they promote services and even editorial pieces for newspapers and magazines.

Commercial Poses for Photos

When you do this type work, your talent agent will expect you to know how to give lots of different facial expressions.

A few are; happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, and elation. The list goes on and on but you’ll develop some of these expressive looks as you get further into your commercial modeling career.

One other thing to consider in lifestyle model poses is body language. Think of how people look in different situations – do they appear playful? unresponsive (arms crossed, etc.)?

Here are 5 posing tips I found by Danny Jameson which might give you some more inspiration in your lifestyle model poses so keep reading.

You need to know the posing photography tips that top professionals use if you are looking to look more photogenic.

This gets you wonderful portraits. Read these basic ideas on how to look beautiful in portraits, whether taken at a studio or spontaneously.

1. Stand straight & tall

Commercial lifestyle model posing

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Practice standing tall and confidently, with the shoulders back, and the overall effect will be that you will look slimmer in the photograph.

Work on looking and feeling more confident not just for better photos but for better lifestyle habits that make you a better person in general.

This pose will definitely show in the portraits you will have taken.

And, you will feel comfortable in front of the camera more every time.

2. Look your best with good grooming

Another modeling how to tip for posing for photographs is that you should always look your best on the day of the shoot.

Dark colored clothes are often recommended to create eye catching silhouettes against your skin color, but other colors can also be used.

Make sure your skin looks and feels great and your body fresh to boost your mood before and during the photo shoot. When you are sure you look good, posing becomes more natural for you.

3. Know what to do with your legs

This is a specific technique in posing photography skills that is used by models and celebrities.

Standing with one leg in front of the other, with the knee slightly bent makes you look longer and slender, whether you are wearing a pair of pants or a dress.

Lifestyle model poses

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Even if the pic only shows your body only from the hips up, the pose will still make you look elegant.

4. Relax and have fun!

If they suffer from camera shyness or low self esteem about their body, stiffness affects the subject.

A very easy way to get past this showing in the photograph is by leaning on something like a tree or a wall, which releases the tension from the body.

The signs of stiffness include clenched hands, fixed or plastic smile and shaking or sweating long before the camera goes off.

5. As always, practice makes perfect!

As with anything you want to do well, a little practice goes a long way to prepare you for the portrait if posing does not come naturally to you.

A full length mirror is perfect for this, where you can try different clothing combinations to see what would look best in a photo. Use these posing photography tips to make the camera love you in every shot.

Learning how to properly pose for photos can give you a great edge over the competition and can help to increase the overall quality of the photos.

Once you know these tips your posing file will gain momentum and you’ll be better equipped for commercial and lifestyle photo shoots.

Take a quick moment and watch the video above to see how to do lifestyle model poses, Or, at least add some ideas to your portfolio. By the way, check out my book on Kindle, How to Become a Model before you leave.

Hope you luck in your new job! – Bob Pardue


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