Lexi Boling

Lexi Boling Interviews – This Female Supermodel is Making Waves in the Modeling World

As the top 50 female models list continues to evolve, we usually see the cream rise to the top. One such case is the awesome and talented Lexi Boling who is making waves with her beauty and now with interviews to the media.

I’d like to share some stories about Lexi Boling and give you some vital information about this fast climbing female model. Represented by Ford Models, Lexi is right on the edge of being taller than average and was born in Los Angeles. Her stats?

Lexi Boling Interviews

Lexi Boling Interviews

Lexi Boling Statistics:

  • Height:  5’11”
  • Bust: 32
  • Waist: 24
  • Hips: 34
  • Dress Size: 2
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue

The Perfect Woman?

No doubt Ms. Boling has everything it takes to model! Here are a few stories from the Lexi Boling interviews you might find interesting.

What Did Lexi Boling Learn from Steven Meisel?

In a Lexi Boling interview with Style she gave a candid look at modeling and what she’s learned since entering the network of supermodels. Janelle Okwodu from Style asked Lexi:

Do you feel there have been any misconceptions about you in the media?Answer: ‘I think people put models into a box personality-wise.

A big misconception is that we aren’t all like everyone else. Crazy, weird, whatever, it just surprises people that we’re normal sometimes.'”

When asked who influenced her, Lexi replied:

“Steven Meisel. Every time I am on set with him, I push myself and learn so much. He is such an important part of my career and an absolutely amazing person.” read more ..


Uncalled for Bullying by Lexi Boling!

I do not like bullying, no matter who’s doing it. Lexi talked harsh to Kendall Jenner on her getting ready Instagram photo according to Hollywood Life.

“Model Lexi Boling drew first blood commenting on a picture of Kendall getting ready for the Donna Karan runway show, writing “she’s never looked better” with a laughing-through-tears emoji.” read more ..

Although as a model photographer, I can’t figure out why the MUA is plastering makeup on her face, let them do their work. It’s up to the model to complain if the job doesn’t please her! My .02 worth.

A Real Quick Lexi Paragraph

Finally, in their review of Lexi Boling, Models.com posted on their top 50 models page:

“The ultimate cool girl strikes again! With back to back Vogue Italia covers and multiple campaigns for Prada, Lexi is undoubtedly Meisel’s girl of the moment.

Not a bad position to be in especially when you’ve managed to also book every top tier show under the sun and make your way into the pages of Another, V and British Vogue.” read more ..

There you have it. You now have some information about the girl and the supermodel Lexi Boling.

With knowledge about her career, her look, and the side you might not have wanted to know,

it’s time to hear what you have to say. Does Lexi Boling have a chance at a long time modeling career? Comment below. – Bob Pardue


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