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Do Bikini Supermodels Get Frostbite? Kate Upton Might Say “YES” – Kate Upton Shoots Pictures  in Antarctica

While many artisans suffer for their art, so too do models as Kate Upton talked about suffering in the freezing temperatures of Antarctica for her hot Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo spread.”

All For the Love of Modeling

This video is all about fashion style – and the cold! It gives a perfect illustration of what fashion models go through to get the shots.

The next time you complain about photo shoot conditions, remember Kate Upton in this Sports Illustrated shoot. It’ll cool you down (pardon the pun).

No matter what anybody says about this exciting female model, Kate Upton is anything other than a quitter and she bravely bares almost all in the snow-covered continent of Antarctica.

Kate says;

be a modelI’m so happy with what’s happening.

One thing she accomplished on this popular video shoot was to become the first back to back cover model captured on video for Sports Illustrated magazine since the 1996-97 issues.

The previous record was held by none other than Tyra Banks.

A Freeze Bikini Pays Off at the Sports Illustrated Photo Shoot

Wow! What an amazing feat and it only took wearing a skimpy bikini in freezing weather.

Even Kate was nervous about going to the end of the earth and stated in her interview …

I grew up in Florida and I don’t do very well in the snow.

So, now you have it!

The question is, would you be willing to do photo shoots under these conditions to get on the cover of Sports Illustrated? What if your model agent called you tomorrow?

Did this story and female fashion model inspire you to be more creative in your photo shoots? Let us know in the comment box below. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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