The New Maternity Fashion Style of Kate Middleton

Here is a quick story about the new Kate Middleton maternity fashion look and we wish them well with their new addition. With super fashion models flaunting their slim bodies on the runway, what is poor Kate Middleton to do about her maternity “features”?

Let’s take a peek! Kate Middleton’s Super Fashion Model Video

There’s no doubt that the immaculate and beautiful Kate Middleton will get plenty of questions about the clothes she will wear – particularly dress fashions for her maternity condition.

I believe even though Kate is not a model – she could be if it was her dream!

What she decides to wear during her pregnancy will be big news for women everywhere!

Victoria Arbiter, contributor of ABC News Royal says;

“Kate is going to look fabulous fashion-wise when she’s pregnant. You can expect it to be very chic, very stylish, very trim.”

Rosie Pope Maternity founder talked with the popular “Good Morning America” TV show condensing some of the hot, hot looks Kate will embrace while she is carrying her baby.

Dressed Like a Princess

Careful not to neglect any of  her royal duties, don’t expect Kate to be wearing any really low-cut dresses – and you’ll not see an outline of her body. Stretched cotton fabrics are out, as this will present too much of a casual fashion look, Pope said.

Being “Cool” in Jackets

One recommendation for Kate is to wear a jacket to match outfits to help ward off the cold or hot flashes pregnant women many times encounter.

Hormone levels abound during this time and so it’s best to prepare for them.

Jackets that have a slim fit will do the job – keeping in mind to leave enough space for the upcoming “showing” of her tummy size. And, she’ll still be able to wear some of these long after baby comes home.

Romance and New Lace

Many women don’t think of pregnancy and romance in the same sentence, but couples still have a life even though the wife is expecting. Lace can still be an effective tool to give that feminine and sexy look. An elegant V-neck is in order here to draw facial attention.

Kate Middleton Loves Her Plaid

With her preference for classic British plaids, Kate Middleton can create the assumption of looking thinner throughout her pregnancy. And, with the culture of today, what woman wouldn’t like to look a bit smaller during this time of self conscious evaluation?

Hope you enjoyed this story about the Kate Middleton maternity look and make sure to keep up with what’s going on in the life of this fairy tale princess.

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