Kassandra's Model Poses

Female Model Kassandra Teaches Modeling Poses on Video

In this modeling tutorial, Kassandra of AMI Clubwear shows her favorite model poses and shows you how to do them.

A must watch piece if you want to get into modeling and/or need to create truly professional pictures for your portfolio.

Learn how to perform professional model poses by watching this short video now..

In this video lesson, Kassandra from AMI Clubwear shows how she developed her female model poses – and how you can do it too! It’s no big secret but here are a few tips to get beginners started in modeling quicker.

Get Rid of Stiffness when You Pose

Watch her posing technique more than once – bookmark the page so you can refer back from time to time until you are comfortable as a model posing in front of the photographer’s camera.

Get Comfortable with Your Body

This first part is nothing new, although it might be for you.

The first tip for model poses is to get comfortable with your body by watching yourself in the mirror.

This way you’ll discover what works in the pose and what doesn’t. Keep discarding the “throwaway” attempts or tweaking until you can keep them.

This is a basic move Kassandra teaches and it’s a good one!

Stay Calm – And Step in Front of the Camera

If you feel stiff and uncomfortable that is exactly how you will come across on camera. Before you begin your daily routine take some deep breaths and relax your body.

Stretch your muscles – just as you do when you wake up in the mornings. Now that you are totally relaxed you are ready for modeling practice.

Oh, and wear clothes that are just a bit loose and comfortable when rehearsing – you’ll have plenty of time for those tight fitting jeans later.

Look at Top Fashion Models Posing

How do the major high fashion people look in the magazines? If you can’t answer this, buy some and start examining what they do.

Really engage in how the pose looks, the body language, the expressions on the models’ faces, etc. and borrow some part of the pose to put together your own stuff.

After a while, you’ll begin to develop your very own style and then you’ll have them copying you!

Get a Good Model Photographer

No, it doesn’t need to be a professional modeling photographer in the beginning stages.

You can have a friend start taking pictures of you after you’ve found a posing guide and practiced in the mirror – and feel you have a couple of good model poses under your belt.

Take a close look at the outcome of the photos and see if you really compare to those female fashion models in Vogue, Seventeen or other magazines for women.

If you don’t – no worry, keep practicing until you can keep up with them! Then you are ready for better things!!

Keep Learning New Model Poses

When you are on the road to learning how to model you’ll find there is no substitute for practice and keeping up with new ideas.

A quick quote I heard the other day says;

Life is like riding a bicycle – you only fall off if you stop peddling.

Don’t stop peddling – learn a new model pose or two every day and then you’ll be able to pull them out of your collection any time you need them.

More Tips for New Models?

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