Karlie Kloss Fun Day [Video] – Let’s Have a Super Fun Day with Karlie Kloss

It’s no secret that Karlie Kloss comes up as one of the viewer’s favorites on the Models.Com award page. She is sweet, exciting and super talented.

Let’s watch this video again of Karlie Kloss fun day and see what she’ll do next!

Karlie Kloss Fun Day video

Karlie Kloss Fun Day video


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A Super Fun Day of Karlie Kloss – Recorded on Video

This video comes to you from Vogue.Com and I believe it will show you a lighter side of the female supermodel. Let me know below how you feel about Karlie or her video. – Bob

Exercise – Ugh!

As a photographer I don’t get the fun of exercise but Karlie seems to. This her first endeavor of the fun day she presents.

Pictures with Karlie Kloss

Next, Karlie says she’s “making friends” on the sidewalk. She talks with everyday people and poses for pictures with them. Of course, I believe they will be more like acquaintances than true friends, but I don’t know. 🙂

Heading Over to Makeup

As with any good model, Karlie heads over to makeup. Not sure if this is part of her fun day but she seems to take it all in stride, doesn’t she? The MUA woman is going to make her look fantastic, I’m sure!

I really liked the row of fashion pictures with name stickers of Karlie, Sasha and the other models. Cool entry and a hurrah to the videographer.

The Magic Happens!

Within the next few video frames Karlie Kloss becomes her true self as she confidently walks down the runway. Nobody does it better and you can see the yearning of those young women watching with amazement and maybe a bit of envy.

No doubt, this walk is what sets apart the supermodels from the wannabees. Simply put, although the Karlie Kloss fun day is in play, she is a true artist when it comes to modeling success, don’t you agree? – Bob Pardue

Karlie Kloss Fun Day

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