impressive modeling pictures

impressive modeling pictures

Yes, you have just a moment in time to either impress the modeling agency representative, or be left out in the cold when you go for your interview.

If you are taking the time to check out open calls, then bring along some impressive modeling pictures for effect.

These modeling tips will show you how.


I always had career goals. And I figured out a path I wanted to take to accomplish those goals. If that meant calling the best modeling agency in the world, that’s what it meant.” ~ Kate Upton

Learn How to Take Impressive Modeling Pictures – Impress the Model Agent in 5 Seconds or Less with Your Female Model Images

Want to increase your chances of being a model and getting listed with the agents who can book jobs for you? The single most important item you need as a beginner is your portfolio.

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Fashion and commercial agencies receive thousands of female model images every month from aspiring young women and girls hoping to jump into an illustrious career as a world-renowned model.

Your Modeling Pictures (Portfolio)

These lofty goals are ones that every girl should have, but without a Model Portfolio , you will only fail without getting out of the gate.

Most who are new to the business are not aware that they do not have to have professional grade model shots in order to submit them to an agent.

In fact, many are misinformed by fake agents telling them they will have to pay for submission.

Pro modeling photos or not? – Go in-between

Fact is, your female model images do not have to be done by a famous or even a professional photographer.

Starting models should first research several well-known agencies to find the most common requirements for submitting their portfolio.

Which Modeling Pictures Do You Send?

Many talent companies require a quality head-shot that fills two-thirds of the photo frame.

In fact, they want to view facial details in high quality. Other shots should include full body shots in various poses.

If you are feeling a bit spicy, you can change outfits several times during your photo shoot to give the agent an idea of your style.

Using Amateur or Student Photographers

The easiest way to develop a beginning modeling portfolio is to find a student photographer from your local university.

They are often seeking to improve their photographic skills by taking test shoots with live models. So, you can help each other out.

You get pictures. They get pictures. Everybody wins!

Doing this, a trade can be made between model and photographer by agreeing that each person involved gets to use the images.

Find out if they will spend a day taking as many photographs as possible. Or, decide upon whatever other mutual arrangement you can come to.

Model Picture Lighting is Very important!

With that said, make sure all of your model photos are shot in a well-lit scenario. Dark photographs will not work for agency submission.

These shots don’t have to be made in a professional studio. In fact, some talent managers would just as soon see your image for a head shot in outdoor – or natural light.

When you are ready to submit your photographs, whether they are in print or digital format, make sure you have selected the very best.

And more importantly, be certain they match the criteria imposed by the modelling agency.

What Day of the Week to Submit Your Modeling Images?

Submitting your work to modeling agencies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays can sometimes increase your chances because these are the least busy days for the agents.

Mondays are catch-up days from weekend work. Thursday and Friday are close enough to the weekend that many things will be missed.

Make That First Impression Count!

So, how important are your female model images when you submit them to the modeling agencies?

In a nutshell, you get approximately five seconds to make an impression.

Very Important – Follow ALL Model Agency Instructions

Make sure you meet their guidelines or you may not even get the five second review.

These are busy people. They do not have the time to correct your mistakes or to try and figure out what you meant to say or do.

DO IT RIGHT! Now, Take Action to Get Started in Modelling

apply to a model agency

Make sure you meet their guidelines or you may not even get the five second review.

I sure hope this tutorial helps you to become one of the women who is accepted by the right people.

Truth is, modelling agents view hundreds of newly submitted photos each month (some of the big guys even more).

So, it’s important to do it right with your first application.

Don’t leave this to chance. I once heard an old saying worth repeating:

“You only get one chance to make a first impression.”


So true!

And remember, submitting impressive modeling images is only a starting point.

Be sure and learn all you can about modeling.

In fact, I cover most of the points you’ll need to know in my free modelling newsletter. It’s a 7-day model mini-course you get by email when you join us.

Go here to sign in for my model newsletter course now.

After you’ve done a bit of reading and practice, you’ll be ready when you contact model agencies to start your career. Best of luck in your new career!

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