Imperfect Female Models

The Saga of Imperfect Models and Current Female Modeling Agency Trends

If you have in mind that the only girls who are making it in the modeling business are 5’11” tall with “skinny” legs then you are mistaken. Some are actually “imperfect female models” and this means you might can find an area to work in.

There is a whole new trend coming around in the business. Now, companies are looking more at imperfect models to fit the bill. Take a look at these modeling agency tips to see how the trend affects you..

imperfect models

imperfect models

How Do Agencies Select New Models Anyhow?

This post covers some of the new selection processes of female modeling agencies you should take a look at. It will open your eyes to some new ideas of what a model looks like nowadays.

The article covers how market trends affect the choices the talent agency makes in hiring girls for the runway, the magazines and commercial type work.

And, you’ll discover how to be prepared when you go for your open call or interview.

New Talent and Female Modeling Agencies

Girls and women who are beginner models don’t always know how to get listed, let alone get jobs in their profession so hopefully these 6 steps I’ve just presented about female model agency registration and involvement will help.

This does not mean that learning how to be a model and getting listed is always easy. Sure, it will take some work on your part. But, you’ll find opportunities for jobs through the talent agencies if you take the time to work a plan.

Getting a Model Agent

First, remember that getting an agent is not as easy (although simple) as it seems at first. The shopping center is not usually the best place to get discovered.

How are you going to display your talent at the mall? – by using your best runway walk? I don’t think so!

Modeling agencies are the “real world” way to a female model career

Take some time, read this outline showing what some of the agents really want. And then, make your plan to reach your goals.

These modeling tips include how to determine your look, age and height requirements, finding agents and making contacts. It takes you from practicing in the mirror to going to your open call – a great piece of advice for beginners in modeling.

A quick look at types of models

Imperfect Female ModelsThere is nothing worse than applying for the wrong job. But, what is the wrong job?

Well, put simply, one you are not the right type for. Here are a couple of things to consider before you apply or go to open calls.

How tall are you? If you are looking into jobs as a runway or high fashion model, they usually want models who are 5’8″ or taller.

And, these girls have a thin body frame. Well, you’ve seen them in the magazines, right?

So, if you are not tall enough, promotional or commercial modeling agencies might be a more realistic choice.

Find your type and style you want to pursue – then contact lots of agents. There is an old saying; “There’s safety in numbers“.

The more model companies you approach (in the right way), the more chance you’ll have in getting jobs as a model.

One Million Teen Models? Two Million?

One last thing is about competition. How many teen girls and young women do you think apply when a major agency like Elite or IMG Models announces a “models wanted” advertisement?

Well, I can tell you it’s more than five or six. How do you compete? One word is to look at what model agents want – and be prepared.

I hope you found these tips about imperfect female models helpful. Remember, nothing happens in the modeling industry until you take action.

Learn all you can, then contact all you can. When you’ve done all you can do – do some more.

Having looks or talent is awesome (I’m sure you have both), but there is no substitute for hard work. Make your career happen. – Bob Pardue

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