Stumped for posing ideas? Help is not far away! This video presentation gives lots of examples of modeling poses for new female models so you can learn to position your hands, feet, and body to get the best look. I hope these modeling tips are helping you to move along in your career.

modeling poses

View the posing techniques of the girls shown here, pick out a few you really like and use them as a base to work from.

Poses for New Female Models

Although posing is just one part of becoming a model, it is very important to learn as much as you can before you go to your first photo shoot.

I can’t count the number of times brand new female models arrived at my photography studio and did not bring one single pose idea with them. This is sometimes frustrating for the photographer and the model.

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Be Prepared

How do you learn to pose? It’s pretty simple really and most of the supermodels will give the same advice. To acquire those killer poses like you see in top magazines like Vogue or Teen, you need to do two things ..

  1. Look at the girls posing in the magazines
  2. Copy them!

Okay, there is just a bit more to it but, if you do these two steps, you’ll be on your way to developing your own positions and poses you can use every time you step in front of the camera.

How to Practice Your Poses

First, set a goal for yourself. Let’s say you commit to only one hour per day, five days per week.

That’s five hours per week that you are working on your modeling career. And remember, many of the new female models who are your competition are not doing this. When you decide to go to an open call or modeling agency interview, any edge you have is good.

When you open the magazine or watch the video above, don’t just look at the picture. Get a feel for it and ask lots of questions as you view. Here are the things all new female models should be asking as they research the mags and videos ..

1. What position? Is she sitting, standing, lying down?

2. What kind of body language is the model using?

3. In this particular pose, does the model’s expression go with the posing?

4. How does the pose interact with the outfit she is wearing?

.. and so on. Are you beginning to get the picture? Look at all these things and then practice them in the mirror or for a friend with a camera. Once you do them over and over you’ll begin to find the poses becoming more natural to you – now you can change them and make them your own!

Remember, just because you are one of the many new female models who is just learning poses for the first time does not mean you have to remain that way. You can be prepared to pose for your photographer, or that modeling agent who can build your career! Go for it –┬áStick to it!

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