Ian Bramham – Fine Art B&W Photography

Very dramatic photos Ian! – Bob Pardue

A slideshow of some of my b&w photos set to music by Yorgos Kazantzis.

If you like my photos you can see more of them here:

20 thoughts on “Ian Bramham – Fine Art B&W Photography”

  1. Richard Armstrong

    WOW.inspiring,beautiful,dramatic,thought provoking………a huge thumbs up.

  2. jimmydude1123

    you are such an inspiration. i just watched the video like 5 times.

  3. Peter Conroy

    Beautiful images Ian. I see Talacre and Crosby beaches in different lights now ;o)

  4. Almost 10 years later and still better photography than the the main stream you tubers including pro’s

  5. sajal kumar Sen

    excellent photos. Can you please share your post processing? Thanks

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