Hunting Island lighthouse SC

Hunting Island lighthouse SC stock photo by Bob Pardue

It’s been a while since Jean & I visited Hunting Island. But, the memory of that beautiful paradise remains.

Anyhow, I thought I’d share some of the main features of the Low Country structure and entice you to travel on down!

When I shot the stock images of Hunting Island, the lighthouse was the main course, of course (pardon the writing please).

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In my humble opinion, the Hunting Island lighthouse SC is the best beach view you will find in the entire state.

That’s because it’s the only lighthouse within the Palmetto state that’s open to members of the public.

Caption: Stock photo of Hunting Island Lighthouse located near Beaufort, South Carolina USA

Description: The Hunting Island SC lighthouse is located on a tiny island near the low country town of Beaufort. The state park surrounding it invites tourists and locals to enjoy beach activities, camping and picnics.

Enjoy The View Of The Hunting Island Lighthouse SC

The climb to the top takes you up 167 steps through a spiral staircase. That alone is some good exercise, and probably helps make the view more breathtaking, simply because you have less breath at the top.

Once you’re up there, you really are up with the birds, and 132 feet higher than the surrounding ocean and marshes. You’ll find it remarkable that such a structure was built in 1875 and still standing, despite being a hurricane target for over a century.

History of the Hunting Island Lighthouse

The original lighthouse was built in 1859, but the Union destroyed it during the Civil War to deprive the Confederates a navigational point.

Another unique piece of the history of the Hunting Island lighthouse SC is that it was built with cast iron plates so that it could possibly be disassembled, moved and reassembled. This happened in 1889, when the structure was move over a mile inland to save it from erosion.

It costs two bucks (at the time of this article), some sweat and a lot of oxygen to get up there.

The downside is the lack of an elevator, but the upside is a great view when the weather is nice, which is often the case on the South Carolina coast.

Check for Opening Times

When there is inclement weather, the structure is occasionally closed. The same goes when it starts to get dark.

You can get in after 10 in the morning of most any day. Get there before 4:45 in the afternoon from March through October, and an hour earlier during winter months.

Visit Other South Carolina Coast Destinations

The South Carolina coast features many great places to visit, from the USS Yorktown, Fort Sumter and a cruise ship terminal in Charleston to the fun and sand of Myrtle Beach. But, if you’re looking for a climb and a view, this lighthouse is where to go.

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