Walk Like a Runway Model

5 Tips for How to Walk Like a Runway Model

In this modeling for fashion section, you are going to learn some modeling basics – especially how to walk like a female runway model.

Once you know these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to improvement, and maybe better modeling jobs so pay attention! d:-)

How to Walk Like a Runway Model

How to Walk Like a Runway Model

Here is a Short Video (Above) to Watch a Female Model Runway Walk Demonstration

1. Get shoes

Make sure your shoes fit well and are comfortable for walking. At first you might even use masking tape to prevent slipping when you do your runway model walk.

2. First walk rule for models

When you begin, make sure and land on the balls of your feet – not your heels – stay balanced

3. Arms and the female model walk

Your arms should be kept close to your body and let them swing naturally from side to side going from front to back.

This forces your hips to move as you are walking giving you that female high fashion model look.

4. Body posture

Remember the old book on the head routine? Well, it’s true! Your posture needs to be very good for a complete modeling walk. Keep your back straight with your rump tight.

Shoulders should be back and your chest should be out.

Think in very long lines – this makes you look taller and confident when you are walking the runway (or even a sidewalk for an editorial photo shoot).

Keep your head straight (but not too high) with your chin slightly out. Now you’ve got the look!

5. Practice – Practice – Practice!

I can’t emphasize this enough. Nothing works unless you do. As a beginner, start by walking casually up and down a hallway.

Be sure and use the modeling tips for the walk written and displayed in the video.

Tip: When doing a female fashion runway walk – make sure your head is the last thing that moves when you are ready to make the end of the catwalk turn.

You’ve seen the high fashion models do this pretty much every time but you need to consciously make yourself do them at first.

Then they will become more and more natural as you practice walking.

Once you have these moves to the point of using them without thinking, you are one step closer to becoming a professional female model.

Now, get out the shoes, go back over this tutorial, and learn the runway model walk so you’ll be ahead of the pack when job opportunities arise. Good luck!

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