Yes! You Can Learn How To Walk Like A Model If You Know the Secret

Fashion models make it look so very easy walking the ramp that a question you should be asking is not how to walk like a model but how soon you could do it.

Strutting and moving forward is no easy task, and models use different ways to do it depending on their body structure and demands of the show.

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Quick Tips for Runway Modeling

Basic methods used in walking the fashion ramp remain the same. Here are some general modeling tips and techniques you can learn to master while walking along a hall or long room with comfortable clothing.

Maintaining The Correct Posture

While walking on the runway, learn to maintain the right posture at all times.

Your body should be erect with your back and neck as straight as possible.

The head should face forwards in a position imagining an orange kept under your chin.

The body should be still while your legs propel it forward without moving it sideways.

It appears to be in a straight line with hands almost straight at the side. Ideally, watch one of the top models walking.

On comparing the posture to that adopted by other models, you will observe a similarity developed out of practice.


Legs are always positioned in front rather than parallel so that the body always follows the lead and moves in a straight line. Each leg is placed in front of the other. Depending on the height, models often prefer to cross their legs as they move forwards.

female fashion model photoSome even lift their legs similar to a horse strutting forward and bend them at the knees while taking a long stride ahead of them.

The idea is always to position a leg straight ahead so that the body follows perfectly in a straight line even though the legs appear crossed.



Models often sway their hips from side to side in a pronounced manner more than a normal sway, although it is not necessary to create such a deliberate movement.


Hands are either kept on the hips or alongside the body depending on the type of clothes they are modeling.

They should not be moved vigorously leading the body ahead.

The best way of learning how to walk like a model is to adopt a laid-back style by keeping hands in the pockets. In other words, hips are positioned in line with the upper body without too much movement.

The Look

Attitude is essential to show off clothes in a positive manner. Models walked towards the end of the ramp before jutting their hips to one side and swirling around highlighting fashion attire with flair and conviction.

They often break the monotony of a casual walk by removing a jacket worn over a dress and flinging it over their shoulders making pronounced movements and attracting attention to the dress.

At times, two walking models work alongside each other so are required to move in perfect sync with each other.

You Must Do the Work

If you are interested in learning to be a fashion model you must remember that walking the runway requires a lot of practice.

The catwalk you adapt may differ from others, but as long as you carry it off with the right attitude, it turns out to be a unique walk that holds appeal and is appreciated by all.

Learning how to become a model and walk like one may take some time, but once you master the basic techniques, you can walk the runway like an experienced model.

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