Fashion Modeling Posing Tips: How To Walk Like A Fashion Model

These women make it look so effortless, but once you try it yourself, you know that walking up on the catwalk is not nearly as easy as those tall svelte models make it look. So, I’ve listed some quick tips for how to walk like a fashion model so you’ll be prepared when you step onto the runway the first time.

A video lesson in runway tips on fashion modeling poses for beginner females (PG-13)

Learn How to Walk on the Fashion Model Runway

If you are just beginning to learn how to model you may be wondering how to walk like a fashion model and give that air of confidence and self assure look like the pros do and all the experts agree on certain things – study and practice.

It doesn’t matter if you are on the catwalk or doing a commercial print model photo shoot, to become a model you need to be prepared.

Practice Your Walk

Bit’s a matter of practice and rehearsing that makes you a success. Now, it may sound funny to say you need to rehearse walking styles like a fashion model, but it’s necessary to get the glide and sway down pat.

Believe me, when you get out on that slippery runway wearing spectator high heels, you’ll be really happy you practiced your craft!

How Fashion Models Pose on the Runway

There are tricks of the trade that will help you learn how to walk like a model. First, keep your hands and arms loose, not stiff. While you don’t want to ball your fingers up, you also don’t want them pointing straight down either. Just a bit of a curve will do fine.

Confidence and Attitude

To walk with the air of confidence, you need to have your shoulders back and your posture perfect. Keep the chin in the air and don’t stare at the ground. Remember, don’t put your chin up excessively as this will have the runway photographers shooting pictures up your nostrils – not very flattering.

The Shoes

As you’re learning how to walk like a model, practice walking in various high heel sizes so that you won’t need to look at the ground and feel confident even in the taller size heels.

There are plenty of videos of girls falling on the runway and, although you can’t totally prevent it, practicing will help minimize your chances of “lying down on the runway”.

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I hope you good fortune! — Bob Pardue

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