how to use fashion magazines for modeling

I heard an actor once in a¬† movie say; “How do you use a magazine?”. Truth is, you really can!

If you want to get started as a model you need to “borrow” from those female supermodels who’ve been there before you.

That’s why I wrote these model tips about how to use fashion magazines for modeling success. Enjoy!

Fashion Magazines Will Help Prepare You for Modeling

Models just want to have fun? Not really – Most girls want to have a career in modeling which comes about through work and study in many areas including model posing techniques.

Fashion magazines are perfect venues to learn what other girls and women are doing and wearing so go to the news stand today!

How To Use Fashion Magazines for Modeling  Wardrobe And Posing Tips

It’s nice to know that high fashion magazines are great idea banks in helping you learn to pose and how to dress!

Some women models who walk into my photography studio are natural dressers, with an eye for fashion, color, & fashionable footwear. They can throw on any old thing and it all comes together and looks great in pictures.

On the other hand, some female models truly agonize daily over every outfit and accessories.

Should I Pay Someone To Teach Me About Model Poses And / Or Fashion Wardrobe?

What? Did I say a fashion model class? No, and I’m not going to start one. d:-)

Fashion Magazines Will Teach You For FREE!

The truth is that you can learn how to become a model for free or for just the price of your favorite fashion magazines.

Let me repeat for emphasis … These upscale mags like Vogue or In Style will show you how to model, if you look closely and practice.

How to Choose A Fashion Magazine To Fit Your Modeling Style

So how do you choose a fashion magazine that will teach you want you want to know about becoming a female model? First, pick one that features fashions for your age group.

Mature Female Models

A senior female fashion model just is not going to get the trend, advice or beauty tips she needs from a magazine geared toward teenage models.

While teens can get away with more radical fashions and hair styles, adults tend to look like they’re trying to look much younger.

The results often look silly and date you as a wannabe teen in your pictures. However, modeling for older teens can go both ways.

Teens nearing adulthood can put some sophistication into their wardrobe choices by picking up an issue of Vogue -TM.

Fashion Magazines For Teen Beauty Models And Others

Fashion magazines for teens are filled with teen hair, skin and nail look features and ads.

These can give you a sense of what’s hot and what’s not, as well as products and articles that show you how to deal with teen problems such as acne.

Skin problems are a major source of worry for teenage girl models and Photoshop can only help in the after capture by the photographer.

The fashions and accessories are not what you’ll see your Mom wearing. Retro looks are big, and hair styles are more flashy. The photographers and female models shown in these magazines put the look together for you. It doesn’t get much easier!

How To Use Fashion Magazines To Improve Your Wardrobe And Model Posing Techniques

Wardrobe – Colors, Shoes, Accessories Used For The Model’s Photo Shoot

You can learn how to dress for the camera yourself by studying the model’s outfits completely.

See what color combinations are used together in clothes, shoes and accessories. You might not have thought to wear a lime green dress paired with a broad-brimmed bright pink hat with matching shoes.

Don’t Steal The Pose Or Clothes – Just Borrow

You needn’t copy that exact combination. What’s to be observed is that bright, contrasting colors can work well for a stunning look.

Look at lipstick and eye shadow colors that complement the look of the magazine model. Then, see which combinations look great on you.

Now you’re an amateur MUA!

Which Fashion Magazine For Upscale Modeling ?

If you’re too old for the teen looks, fashion magazines like Vogue (R) and Elle (R) can give similar insights.

These magazines exemplify sophistication and show what’s needed to become a high fashion model.

Flatter Yourself With Elegance And A Vogue Look

Clothing, accessories and jewelry for these fashion models are simpler but more elegant.

Study the pictures of the models in all their show stopping glory. Clothing cuts are important. Older women may have more figure problems than teens.

If your waist has grown from tiny to slightly ample over the years, take that into consideration.

Look for clothes that trim down the waist – dark colors help too. Check out hair styles which might update your current style.

These sophisticated fashion mags often include scratch-off scents of wonderful perfumes you may want to buy also, but don’t wear too much to a photo shoot. The perfume won’t show in your portfolio pictures. d:-)

How To Use Fashion Magazines To Learn Model Posing

Here are five steps you need to take in order to get the most from your fashion magazine study..

1. Look Closely – Don’t just flip through the mag, really look at the models. Remember, these are some of the highest paid fashion models in the business so they know what they are doing. Don’t be critical of, or intimidated by them.

2. Study The Fashion Model’s Photo – See how the pose was done. Look at her head position, the posture of her body – Where are her arms, legs – How is she holding her fingers, etc.

3. At First — Imitate! – Yep, start by imitating the pose you are studying from the fashion magazine. There is no shame in this. Every girl model had to start somewhere! Practice the exact pose in the mirror.

Then, start changing certain parts of the pose by moving your positions slightly; head, arms, legs, and so on.

See the difference? Keep going until you find a killer pose you like. Then practice the new pose until it comes to you naturally.

4. Look At The Fashion Model Expressions – Take a close look at the model’s expressions in the shot. If she is serious, could this pose work with a smile?

Or vice-versa? Is she giving a shy look, sexy look, looks of anger, etc.? Try your own expressions until you find what works with your new model posing idea.

5. Take A Snapshot Of Your New Modeling Pose – Get a friend to take a snapshot of your new pose so you can remember it. Start a posing file with your picture.

Repeat – You’ll Have a ” Good As The Fashion Magazine ” Modeling Pose In No Time

Now, you have one pose as good or better than the one you viewed in the fashion magazine.

Repeat the same method until you have several. I know this seems like a lot of work and it does require some effort but you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can build a file of ever ready posing pictures to use on your next photo shoot.

How To Succeed In Female Model Posing

And, as you continue to study fashion or glamour modeling poses, the ideas will come easier and you’ll be adding on to these as well as creating your own model look.

Success is not inborn, it is learned. And so are posing ideas and techniques.

In summary, you can see how female fashion magazines that are age-appropriate for models, can be a valuable asset to the fashion unconscious woman model.

Study and learn. Practice your posing techniques in the mirror.

tudy some more. Practice some more. Work with talented photographers and do as many photo shoots as possible.

Practice these modeling tips some more. This method pays. Keep it up and you might possibly be a model in a fashion magazine too!


If you are ready to take that next step to learning how to model, check out my book below. It’s available on Kindle and ready for instant download. Just click the picture to buy now…

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