how to take the perfect selfieQuestion: Do you know how to take the perfect selfie? You will after today. Watch the video and see if you don’t get amazing selfie photos for your Instagram or Facebook page.

And yes, even if you are already into modeling, I believe you’ll thoroughly enjoy this tutorial.

First, Smartphones and social networking services such as Facebook furnish the foundation for communicating with others at the present time. If opportunities for self-expression in photography were ever lacking, good! That’s obviously not a problem anymore!

So, selfies evolved quickly in today’s world!

What is a Selfie Anyhow?

Description (as if you didn’t know): A selfie is taking a photo with a camera, video system, or telephone cellphone – of your self!

Mostly, these end up being uploaded to social media, or deleted a 1,000 times without posting  (hey, we’ve all been there).

So, selfies have taken the world via storm. And, most likely, this is why a holiday for selfies was created on June 21, 2014. Can you believe it?

But truthfully, all you want is to snap a image of your self and submit it online, am I right?

Who Took the First Selfie Picture?

I looked this up and thought you might like the answer. According to wiki:

“In 1839, Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer in photography, produced a daguerreotype of himself which ended up as one of the first photographs of a person.

Because the process was slow, he was able to uncover the lens, run into the shot for a minute or more, and then replace the lens cap.

He recorded on the back ‘The first light picture ever taken.’ A copy of his ‘first selfie‘ graces his tombstone at Laurel Hill Cemetery. You can visit it in Philadelphia, PA.”

With that said, watch the video above with 12 photography tips on how to take the perfect selfie. Your photos become amazing with a little practice.

By the way, I transcribed the video for you (below) in case you’d rather read the selfie tips. So, get started taking amazing selfies with the video advice – or by reading the transcript.

The “How to Take the Perfect Selfie” Video Transcript

I’m really excited to share with you the fifth episode in my photography hack series and my how to pose series.

Today, I’ll share with you my top tips on how to take the perfect selfie or self-portrait. Why? Because, not everyone has an Instagram husband or friend following them around taking photos for them.

I’m going to be teaching you guys my top tips on how to take your own pictures. If you’re new here, don’t forget to subscribe because, why not join my YouTube family. And, be sure to give this video a big thumbs up! She needs your help, so without further ado let’s hop into this video!

how to take the perfect selfie

“I always look super happy but I really wanted to be able to change up my look.”

Discover How to Take the Perfect Selfie with These 12 Photography Tricks!

First, there are three different angles that you could take your selfie you can either…

  • hold it right in front of you,
  • above,
  • or a little bit below.

But, to take a more edgy selfie, angle your chin up a little bit and then you could softly smile. I am guilty of always smiling in all of my photos and, cheesing really hard.

Add a Moody Effect to Your Selfies

I always look super happy. But, I really wanted to be able to change up my look and add a more moody effect.

My first tip is to take a deep breath, and relax the face and eye – softly smile.This definitely takes practice. When I first started trying to take selfies without actually smiling, it was really hard.

But, over time, it definitely gets easier. In selfie photos, I always want to look slimmer. And, it’s hard because I can I have a double chin showing!

So, hold your camera up, tilt it down, and you’ll have a more slimmer – and more flattering selfie.

Push your hair so it’s lightly framed your face. This can definitely make your face look a lot slimmer!

How to Wear Your Clothes During Selfies

Maybe you are wearing a very bulky jacket. So, another tip is to just wear it slightly off your shoulder.

This way, you don’t have too much of the jacket showing in the photo – and the focus is more on you.

Picture Day Photo Tips

Are you ready to take your turn?

You might be going back to school soon, and I wanted to share with you guys a tip for picture day. You’ll learn how to take good photos using flash.

Makeup Tips

When you’re getting ready, and doing your makeup, be sure to stick to use matte beauty products. Because, these ones absorb the light.

And, it doesn’t have any flash back. Whereas, you know things with shimmer and more glitter in it will tend to give you a word glowy.

So, focus on shimmery makeup products on like your highlight area. And then, use Mac products on places where you want to contour.

Slim Down in Your Selfie Portrait

Another tip to look slimmer, when it comes to taking photos or portraits, is to not look directly at the camera. Instead, turn your body a little bit to a 45-degree angle. And then, turn your head back over.

You’ll tend to look a lot more slim in your posture – and also on your face.

Sometimes, you might feel that photos can add weight to your face. Well, you should probably look into your camera lens.

Use a Better Camera for Better Selfies!

So, Izumo ends, although it gives you a nice like bokeh effect will actually add weight to your face. Whereas, a wide-angle lens will make you look slimmer in your photos.

how to take selfies

“Using a DSLR camera and a nice backdrop definitely makes your pictures look a lot more professional.”

I don’t know about you guys but once I purchased my DSLR camera or anything that’s more of a professional camera, everyone in my family started asking me to help take..

  • passport photos
  • or their new profile picture for Facebook.

And, a really easy way to kind of upgrade that, and to make it an even more of a professional job, is to purchase some photo backdrops.

So, you can buy these online on Amazon – really really cheap! So, you can just tape this on the wall, or you can also buy a backdrop stand just to hold everything up, depending on how often you think you’re going to be using it.

And, using a semi-pro DSLR camera and a nice backdrop definitely makes your pictures look a lot more professional.

It’s looking a little ghetto. Let’s just move on in. Does it look professional?

Use Photography Props for Effect (All Pro Photographers Do This)

So, another fun thing you can add are some props. I pick these up from paper source. These are multi colors like confetti pieces.

Then, I also have some gold glitter confetti in the air. And, you can take some really cool self-timer portraits with your friends birthday. Currently, so much money on the ground. But, looks good though.

How to Get Unique Pictures? Change Your Position

Moving on to the next tip, you want to take some great photos laying down on the ground or on the grass at a park or something.

Yes, it can be really tricky! You can have a double chin. Or, you can look a lot wider than you actually do.

So, my trick here is have your photographer kind of take a little bit higher for you. Or, when you’re taking a selfie, just to bring it up a little higher. Put your chin down, and then smile.

Try to push your hair into your face, and you will definitely look a lot more slimmer now.

Obviously – Use Your Camera or Cellphone Self-Timer

Everybody has a photographer following them around everywhere. So, I think a really good tool to use is your self timer on your phone. That way, you can have both of your hands in your selfie.

A few of my favorite photo editing apps on my phone are:

  • Viscose
  • Snapseed
  • Afterlight
  • Fuji for that vintage film effect

What about Photos in the Sun?

I also love Facetune when it comes to like, you’re bursting a pimple taking photos, and direct sunlight can be such a struggle.

But, it definitely adds a nice glowing factor to your skin when you’re taking a photo in the sun.

Just close your eyes for a few seconds before you take the photo. Then, when you’re ready, just snap away and open up your eyes.

You can protect your eyes in the meantime. Let’s go get that cool, glowy effect!

Thank You’s and Gratitude

selfie lesson

Just close your eyes for a few seconds before you take the photo. Then, when you’re ready, just snap away and open up your eyes.

So, we’ve waded to the end of this video. Thank you so much to my photographer, Fred OTT, for being in this video.

Be sure to check out all of our other photography tutorial videos. And, how to pose videos will be linked down below in my playlist.

Please comment down below, and share with me which tip was your favorite.

Also, share with me some of your best selfie hacks and tips. I’d love to know. Thank you guys so much for watching. We will see you next time!

And remember, back-to-school season is just around the corner. And, you might be stressing out over picture day. Or, maybe your driver’s license photo.

But now, you’re gonna go sit back down. Are you ready? Three close-ups and you’re ready!




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