Here's how to start a modeling agency…

“Want to connect on facebook? Add me on Facebook:

Follow me on Instagram: @aleksvitkin”

My assistant was messaging people on Instagram and informing them that we are going to start a modeling agency. We were inviting them to come over to our studio to make some shots. We were showing them the quality of the pictures we have taken before.

We were able to get even professional models to our studio. It is a little bit harder to convince professional models to come, but it not impossible. If you have good pictures to show them, there is a very high chance for them to come.

We were asking our girls not to wear too much makeup and they were very self-conscious about that. These girls do not need that much makeup to look fantastic.

I was not very good at doing the photographs at the beginning, but with the help of my photography instructor I was able to get to a decent level and make very good pictures.

In order to be able to run a modeling agency you need:

• A photographer
• A lead generator

These girls are not going to agree with you immediately. You have to get them on a phone call and persuade them. You have to prove to them that you are legal and you are a professional in this field. If you do not get them on a call, they will never come.

I do not recommend to start a modeling agency. It is very hard to make money if you are running a modeling agency. You can start it cheap, but if you want to be successful in this area, you need to invest money to hire people.

There to ways to be successful in this field:

• You can be a super talented world class photographer who takes amazing photographs and the only think you are thinking is photography or you can hire someone like that.

• A lot of these girls have so many followers on Instagram. They get a lot of messages and offers to wear something on their photos for an add in exchange of giving them something for free or giving them money. You can get those people on a call and take a cut.

If you have 20 models this can really turn into a very profitable business for you. You definitely need to sell. You cannot just send them the payment link and get paid.

The more traditional business model is to sell the pictures to other magazines and you can get invited to corporate events. You can get pictures there and be paid for that.

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