How to Practice Modeling

A model walking on the ramp has all eyes on her. You have a perfect catwalk, apt body positioning.

Your attitude and body language says to onlookers; “I’m a professional fashion model!“.

Everything (and I mean everything) adds up to your walking confidence.

Your vibe makes a fashion statement for the clothes that you endorse.

All that combined makes an everlasting impression on the minds of the Audience about the brand you’re promoting.How to Practice Your Modeling Skills

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About How to Practice Your Modeling Skills

Now that you know the why, how do you practice modeling skills to make all this happen? Let’s see some simple tips for what the female supermodels do to make modeling look “easy”.

To amaze the audience with your style and elegance, it is important to practice these modeling skills.

Developing your model talent for the catwalk, posing positions, facial expressions and body language play a significant role in helping you become a successful Model.

Catwalk Strategy – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Catwalk is the soul element of modeling. Wikipedia says about the industry;

“In a typical fashion show, models walk the catwalk dressed in the clothing created by the designer.

The clothing is illuminated on the runway by the lighting.”

Practice catwalk with high heels, keep yourself focused while walking. And most of all, maintain a perfect balance.

Try catwalks with different kind of shoes so as to get adjusted quickly to any type shoes as you never know what designer wants you to wear for the next walk.

You’ll see why if you watch some of the slippery runway videos which have gone viral.

Practice it with videos of the famous fashion shows to master the catwalk. That in itself will give you a big edge over the other aspirants.

What’s in a Face?

Facial expressions tell all about your confidence level. In a way, your face expresses the message you carry for the brand endorsement.

Facial expression many times determines the brand value and its reputation.

How do you practice modeling facial expressions?

First, Push your shoulders back and angle the pelvis forward and upward. Hold this position for sometime before relaxing. For best results, practice it with a mirror.

Ask a friend or relative to watch you from a distance and point out to you the imperfections.

Because your expressions on the walk makes a statement about the brand & the message, it should be delivered perfectly.

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Does Your Body Language Send a Message?

Body language shows your mood and confidence. This indirectly reflects the clothing comfort and styling.

Your body language exudes a vibe. It shines with a glow that is symbolic of the elegance and grace of the clothing brand you wear.

So practice perfect body postures from the start to the front and back. Do different positions in front of the mirror to master body language.

“Your Attitude, Not Your Aptitude, Will Determine Your Altitude” ~ Zig Ziglar

Attitude,  your attitude on the runway relates to the class of the brand. Your positive attitude and charming looks on the runway should leave people craving for that feeling.

Practice that classic and cheerful attitude looking into the mirror,  watch modeling show videos to get more ideas on creating your attitude.

This might have been a bit long for you, but I believe it’s worth it. The stairway to modeling success is not always easy to climb.

A friend of mine has a favorite saying, “Persist to Persist“.

This means to use every avenue to learn how to practice your modeling skills. Then, put these skills to work to create an exciting career in fashion. – Bob

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