Posing Style – How to Pose for a Model Style Photograph

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The Difference in Portfolio & Snapshot Posing

Have you ever wanted to learn how to pose for a model style photograph but didn’t know where to begin? These tips will give you a starting point.

Yes there is a big difference in posing for the camera as a model and just standing there for a quick snapshot. This is where new female models have a problem – initially.

But, you don’t have to be nervous about shooting with professional photographers any longer.

When you watch this video and do a bit of practice you’ll gain more confidence which will show in your pose, your facial expression – and your final modeling pictures!¬†Excited? Let’s get started!

Getting the Right Model Photo

How to Pose for a Model Style PhotographThere is a way you can shoot with your favorite person and practice getting that just right modeling photograph.

That’s right, take pictures of yourself! This is a great way to get started with posing for the camera with absolutely no pressure.

Working with a Professional Model Photographer

When you shoot with a pro model photographer you might feel a little intimidated and pressured for getting a good image in just a few frames. This can add stress to the shoot and you really need to be relaxed to get good model photos.

Shooting with yourself or practicing poses in the mirror let’s you use the trial and error principle to its fullest and you can go from crazy to sexy to subtle to sad – as many times as it takes to get to know yourself and see how you look in different poses, outfits and expressions.

Do this often and you’ll get better and better at posing naturally for the camera and getting the perfect model portfolio.

So, the very first tip is to get comfortable when shooting through self practice. You’ve got a camera (almost everyone does) so get started in modeling pictures all by yourself!

Discover Your Photographic Features

Do you have a good side to photograph? When you practice taking pictures from all different angles, moving your head about from side to side, up and down, etc. you’ll begin to see which model poses really work for you.

Once you discover a great side of your face, then things will begin to happen. You can use some of these modeling poses to practice giving different looks, with different hair styles, etc. until you are ready to put together some sessions with photographers.

It’s Really Simple to Pose for a Model Style Photograph – But..

Yes, learning how to pose for a photograph (model style) is not that difficult – if you commit some time and effort. Nothing works unless you do!

Get Out the Camera and Pose

Now that you know the key to getting great modeling photos get the camera out right now while it’s fresh in your mind and do a few “test shots” to find your best photographic side.

You’ll get all warm and fuzzy when you see how beautiful you can look from just a few particular angles. And, once you realize you really can become a model – there’s no stopping you, right? Want to get more great tips for new models like this one? Join my modeling tips newsletter and get a Free gift here!


See you next time!

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