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Models: Discover How to Look Good in Every Picture – Modelling Tips for New Female Models

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel. Today, I’m gonna finally tackle this one question that I get asked every single time someone’s taking a picture with me.

Valeria, you’re a model. So how do I, what do I do?

How do I pose & how do you make me look skinny?

Know Your Modeling Angles

Everyone in general should know their good angles and how they should pose to take good photos. So I’m going to tell you a few of my tricks to always get a good shot.

Tip number one, lighting.

And that’s the most obvious trick ever! And, I’m sure you guys already know that good lighting literally changes your life.

So, if you are shooting outside, try to shoot when it’s overcast, and not when it’s sunny. Because, when it’s sunny outside, it creates shadows on your face. Also, your eyes squint and become watery. It’s not a great look for models.

Even if it’s sunny, and you find the gray shaded area like an alley or something sketchy like that, that’s a great place to shoot.

“The Window is Your Friend!”

If you’re taking pictures inside, even if it’s a selfie, always try to find a window. The window is your friend. Natural lighting is everything. Stand right in front of it.

As I’m shooting this video, there’s a window right behind this camera. I’m in love with natural light.

If you are in a dark room, or at a party, there’s so many gadgets today that you can purchase to make sure you get good pictures from your girls night. Use something like the Lumi or this one.

I have a portable flash ringlet that you can just put on your camera. This was on my march favorites. This is such a good option when you’re out and you still want to get like a killer selfie – and invest in your future.

Inspired Models Create Beautiful Pictures

Okay. Tip number two is inspiration. When they came out with photos on Instagram, it literally changed my life because, what I do is; I’ll save pictures that inspire me.

And, it doesn’t need to be an elaborate picture, but just…

  • emotions,
  • or a background
  • maybe a pose or something.

Um, I always save it for inspiration to kind of give me something to work with. When I think about pictures from my Instagram or, um, even like family pictures, you don’t have to stage exactly the same thing.

But, I like safe pictures that are like their field modeling shoots. Most of the times when you come into the set, they’ll have like a mood board and you’ll see pictures of prints of hair, or makeup.

They get inspired from movements & colors. So, that’s kind of where I took that inspiration into social media and just pictures from myself.

How to Stand & Get Better Photos

Tip number three, when I take pictures standing, I make sure to separate my legs and bring right or left leg forward.

It just gives your body a nicer shape. I make sure to shift most of my way to the back leg.

So, that modeling pose takes you away from the camera. It makes you look slimmer and um, kind of creates like a more, how do you call it? Like a flower, like a long, slim flower. The body always looks better in that.

Especially, I wear a lot of mom jeans. And, if you put your legs together, the crotch area, not cute.

If you want to do a pose that’s a little less dramatic, you do the fake walk, put one leg forward.

But, it’s not like a walk walk, cause you just like a, I’m a bag to walk.

Why Put One Foot Forward in Modeling Pictures?

Okay, I’m still thinking about it. You know, putting one leg forward, it gives you the look of  longer legs.

Modeling Photos & Emotion

And, let’s look at a wonderful trick number for emotions & facial expressions. So, I don’t recommend to do it when you’re taking pictures with your family, because they might send you for therapy.

But, let’s say, if you wanna create a fun picture for your Instagram, find faces and emotions that you know you look good at.

I’ll show you some of mine. When I’m a nice girl, I laugh – thinking about something someone’s said that’s hilarious! So, literally sit in front of the mirror and find like five looks that you know work for you; and you look cute in.

Or, take a bunch of pictures and have different emotions in it. Then, choose which one you look better in.

The Fashion Model’s “Invisible” Shoes

The next tip I have for you is invisible heels.

Um, that’s something that I’ve learned from modeling & shooting lingerie. And, I shot a lot of swimwear throughout my career. And, you obviously don’t wear heels because it looks unnatural.

So, what I always do is kinda raise my heels by an inch or two inches and it just helps to make the body look longer and leaner.

It gives a really nice shape to it. Invisible heels. I wish it was a thing like for everyday trick number five. Okay.

Friends & Family Pics

When you do take pictures with your friends or with your family, make sure that you don’t do this.

I find that a lot of people do that when someone’s taking their pictures and they just…

  • look straight forward
  • smile
  • and just like stand there for like 15 pictures.

First of all, always ask to take like five, 10 pictures. I feel like everyone knows this tip already.

If they don’t, they were raised by wolves. (LOL)

Facial Modelling

Make sure you make slight movements with your face. So, let’s say if someone’s taking your picture, start with just like looking, and then move your chin a little.

Next, put it a little more up, then straight into the other side. Or, now the other side. If you know you have one side that’s better than the other, that’s even better.

And, just move it a little bit at a time. Nothing crazy though. Do give yourself a little variety of slight movement in six stage candid photos.

So, that’s basically it when you create a candid moment. I mean all of us do it at this point. For instance, someone takes a picture and you’re like, okay, now I’m laughing.

Getting Good Lifestyle Photos

Now, like just take a picture of your life. Then you’re like moving your hair or you’re doing this or, you’re talking, looking away or maybe, you’re pulling at your pants.

Things like that always work. It always comes out very effortless! And, it’s like you didn’t think about it.

But, you took like 15,000 tries of this one movement! And, it was really uncomfortable holding yourself right there. Did I get it? Did I get it?

Better Pictures? Look in the Mirror!

I’m asking you to sit in front of mirror and find your angles. Trust me. You need to do it once.

Practice and you’ll have great photos for the rest of your life. It’s worth it!

Find a Good Photographer – Could Be a Friend or Family Member? Better Photographers Equal Better Pictures

Here’s another great tip for all of you who want to create really good Instagram pictures.

I’m sure you have husbands, moms, & other family members who suck at taking pictures. Um, most of my Instagram pictures my husband takes.

Model as Photo Director

how to look better in pictures

“He is not allowed to move even an inch. Aim. I prepare the shot.”

One trick with that is, literally create the moment. I take my phone out, put it exactly where I want to shoot.

I see where I’m going to stand. And then, I lead my husband with what to do. Literally, I’m like, don’t breathe, don’t breathe!

Hold the phone, press the button Hon. He is not allowed to move even an inch. Aim. I prepare the shot.

If you press that button before I’m ready, you’ve got to go! Happy wife equals happy life. This is all.

Your Turn to Create Better Model Pictures – Enjoy!

You now know my quick little lesson for how to look good in photos. I hope you enjoyed it . Now, it’s your turn in front of the camera.

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