How to Get Theater JobsWorking in the Theater.

Ever dreamed of acting on stage in Hollywood with the applause of the crowd ringing in your ears?

Great feeling, isn’t it?

But, what if you can’t act a bit?

Could there still be jobs in the theater available for you?


Acting 102 – How to Get Theater Jobs

When I was a kid, I was absolutely fascinated by the theater. I thought that I would have a theater job when I grew up, although I didn’t realize what type of job I would have.

To my way of thinking, acting would be an ideal career.

I pictured myself as the lead role in everything I saw, of course. I thought about what it would be like to have everyone have their eyes on me and applaud me for my performance.

One Problem — I Couldn’t Act!

Unfortunately, I soon learned that I couldn’t act to save my soul. I tried a few school plays when I was in middle school and high school. Although my parents were polite about it, I could tell that I didn’t do very well.

For a while I despaired, but then I got involved in production. I did lighting, stage management, and other theater jobs like that. Soon I realized that there was still a career in theater waiting for me.

If You Want Theater Jobs Be Willing to do What it Takes

The key to getting a theater work is not always easy. There’s no other way to say it.

Theater jobs are not always that hard to do, but there are plenty of people out there who can do them.

The only people who are able to keep successful jobs in theater are those who hustle twice as much as everyone else. Be willing to get there early and stay late.

Be willing to do small chores and errands even if they aren’t strictly part of your job description. This is the only way to pursue a career in theater.

Types of Theater Jobs

Almost everyone working theater jobs has to pay their dues. You will too. The basic theatre jobs include, but are not limited to:

  • working as a stage hand
  • helping with makeup
  • managing the costumes
  • other odd chores

This are not glamorous theater work, but the work of these people plays a crucial part in the production.

A Work Ethic Lesson from the Space Race

An example: In the 1960’s an older lady who was a maintenance worker was mopping the floor at NASA during the height of the space program.

When asked how it felt to be mopping up at NASA she replied, “I’m not mopping; I’m helping to send a man to the moon!

Now, there’s a positive attitude! It’s the same attitude you should have when you approach jobs in the theater or any other goal for that matter.

Always keep in mind that, by doing a good job, you can take stress off the actors, actresses and the rest of the stage production team. Believe me, you will be noticed.

Theater Workers – Directors Love ‘Em

Directors love to work with good stage people. If you can do your job well and make sure everything goes smoothly, you will get a lot of credit for it.

Acting and theater jobsSoon, theater jobs will be lining up for you. At that point, you can usually move up the ranks. Don’t lose sight of your goals. Take an acting class or two.

Make sure to get yourself noticed.

At some point, you might get the chance to direct if you want it.

Once you get recognition, feel free to offer advice to the director or the stage manager.

This will show them that you are ready for more responsibility. Now, go to the theater and go to work! Before you leave, be sure and check out the Acting Career Quick Start course. It may just change your life!

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