How to Get Started in Modeling PhotographyThough I’d write a quick post today to answer a common question. Many models and others have asked me how to get started in modeling photography so here are 3 cool tips.

Starting a career in photography and making a living at it is easier said than done.

After learning how to take modeling pictures, you’ll need to study the business end as well.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Many successful photographers are completely self taught while others have attended prestigious photography schools. These schools teach techniques and ideas that are common in great works of photographic art.

How to Get Started in Modeling Photography – Learn How to Create a Great Picture

1)Learn Photography Basics

Learning the basics is the foundation upon which success is born. A beginner will need to practice to develop his talent.

There is more to it than simply photographing a model dressed in high fashion.

The photographer needs to understand composition such as the pyramidal composition of the Mona Lisa, and he must also utilize framing, effective backgrounds and using the best light.

2) Find a Photographic Mentor

Working with a professional will help anyone who wishes to get started in modeling photography.

He or she can teach you to combine the artistic and technical skills necessary to make a pleasing photograph.

A spectacular portfolio needs to be developed because that will determine if you are hired for a job or not.

3) Find a Great Model

If you can find a really talented girl or boy model, take photos of them trying different poses and lighting. Inspiration and creativity may be the best tools you possess for first class photos.

It would be wise to study the works of such well known photographers as Annie Leibovitzand or Herb Ritts for more inspiration before submitting your portfolio to an agency.

I hope you success if taking photos is your passion. Keep these basics in mind before you  start your career in modeling photography. Now, get a good camera & lens, and make your way to fulfilling your dream. Last hint: You can also study photography from home with the Photography Masterclass.

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