NYC Model Agency VideoIs getting a modeling agent to notice you making you frustrated? Believe me, you are not alone! Keep reading..

Since I’m always looking for ways to help new models get going with their careers, I like to post great videos I see.

The tips today are by model agent Trudi Tapscott. And, I believe you’ll love the insight and inspiration she offers here.

So, watch the How to Get Signed by NYC Model Agency video and leave your comments if you have something to add.

Oh, I included the video transcript below if you’d rather read..

How to get signed by NYC model agency

How to get signed by NYC model agency video by Trudi Tapscott

Learn How to Get Signed by NYC Model Agency – Video Shows Insight from a Real Model Agent

Video Transcript: Hello. My name is Trudi Tapscott. I worked as an agent in New York for many, many years, and I think that New York agents are very specific about whose going to work in New York.

Make Sure Modelling is What You Really Want for a Career!

New York is really the starting point for long term modelling careers. Everyone’s looking for longevity because they’re investing a lot of time and money in you, to help you get started.

No one wants to do that if someone’s just going to model for a year. That’s not very interesting because the money takes a little bit of time.

How to Get Attention of a NYC Talent Agent

Getting the attention of a New York agent is not that difficult if you are exactly what they are looking for. There’s the answer in a nutshell. If you have what they want, then you’ve got their attention and it’s really easy.

Sometimes, potential isn’t so obvious. There’s a lot of times that a New York agent might not have time to really see all the possibilities and maybe use a model.

Maybe you need to:

  • lose a little weight
  • gain a little weight
  • improve your skin & complexion
  • Redo your hair for modeling, etc.

When you’re young, you have a little bit of baby fat in your face that makes you photograph in a certain way.

There’s so many elements that go into it. Sometimes, it’s just somebody has a bad day. Some agencies in New York have what is called an “open call” where anybody can walk in the door.

People are human. They could be in a hurry. They could be working on an huge booking for somebody.

Your potential isn’t obvious at that particular moment and they don’t have time so they move on. It’s like, “No thanks. We’re not interested,” whatever.

Don’t Get Frustrated if You are Overlooked..

If you knew how many models in the industry, who are top models today, who got missed in their first time being introduced to someone, it’s shocking.

It does go to show that the development period doesn’t always happen just because you’re in New York and modeling full-time.

Turn Yourself into a Real Model First!

Just don’t make these rookie mistakes in modeling! Sometimes, the development period happens just when you are at home and you are learning. You can watch fashion shows online.

There is so much information that is available to you by looking at websites, looking at modeling agency websites.

What kind of pictures do they pick for the models? What do their portfolios look like? What does write about models?

With searching, you’ll find so many sources of information that is valid, from people that actually interview legit people. That’s how you can tell if someone does an interview with a website, chances are it’s a legit thing if it’s somebody who is really in the business.

You know that if they’re actually speaking on film and it’s not the written word, that it’s real, that they’re talking. It’s their name. It’s their face, and you can find out about them.

The fact of the matter is that maybe you need to do a little more homework. Maybe you need to work a little bit harder at it.

Maybe, you need to do some of those things. And, maybe you need to actually get smart, do some research, look at those pictures and see what those models have.

It can be kind of an obsessive adventure in a way, and maybe it leads you to another kind of position in the fashion industry.

I think everybody grows up and they think, “Oh, I’m perfect for modeling.

You’re tall. Everybody says, “Oh, you’re so tall, you should be a model.” If that was the only requirement that a talent scout or agent was looking for, then there would be a lot more models out there.

But, it’s not the only thing they are looking for.

Reasons Models Quit

The industry itself is a big industry, and there are lots of people who might have tried modeling. They started out as a model, and they didn’t like it. It wasn’t for them, their personality.

They didn’t like being in a different place everyday. There are tons of things. There are lots of reasons why modeling doesn’t work for you personally.

But, they ended up being a hair stylist assistant or they decided to become a MUA, or they decided they wanted to go to fit and study design.

In some ways, it can be an entrance into a completely different world than what you’re learning.

For instance, if you are interested in fashion, modeling is a great way to start.

How to get signed by NYC model agency video

There are lots of reasons why modeling doesn’t work for you personally.

Now that you’ve watch Trudi’s video for How to get signed by NYC model agency, take her advice. Then, move closer to your dream of becoming a model.

I hope you found this video helpful in understanding what New York agencies look for.

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