How To Get A Modeling Portfolio

Learn How to Get a Modeling Portfolio

Question: I am really interested in how I can get started as a model. And, to do so, I need to know how to get a modeling portfolio to begin?

Getting the Right Start with the Right  Pictures

I also need to know what a female model would need such as how many photos and the sizes.

— Here are a few answers

There is a beginning to every venture and becoming a model is not any different.

how to get a modeling portfolio

how to get a modeling portfolio

So, here are a few tips for models who want to start their portfolio off the right way. These suggestions give you an advantage over those who don’t.

First, Hire a Professional Photographer

You would assume that this is a given – but it’s not. If you look at online modeling pictures displayed carelessly on model sites like MM or OMP, you’ll find a diverse difference in quality of the photos.

These pictures are what are many times seen first by potential clients who are searching for freelance models to hire.

So, choose your model portfolio photographer carefully!

The Pictures

After you select a good professional model portfolio photographer and book your photo shoot, do not just pile every picture online and hope for the best.

Even professionals don’t create perfect images with every pose.

Some are going to show you in your best light – put these in your book.

Keep the rest on your computer so you can compare with future photography shoots.

What to include in your model portfolio

The last thing I’ll mention today about how to get a modeling portfolio that works is to make sure you include the absolute most important pictures in your book to submit and show to model agents or clients.

I’ve listed a few samples of pictures here to give you an idea of what to shoot for.


Include at least one head shot with very little or no makeup in good, outdoor lighting to show how clear your skin is and what the agent has to work with.

Many modeling agencies want to see a “clean slate” so they are well aware of how you might look when a MUA is added.

Swimsuit Photo

Also include one photo of you in a swimsuit or at least tight clothing to show your figure. Don’t make the agency representative guess.

Now, with that said – these are not glamour shots so don’t try to get sexy with these. Just straight on so they can get a good idea for catalog or maybe commercial jobs.

How many pictures?

This can be male or female portfolios but generally the number is from 8 to 20, using the guidelines and including only your best “WOW” pictures.

If you only have 4 really great images, then 4 is all you should include.

Model agents are not impressed with the number of pictures – just the quality and how good you are at posing in the pictures.

Ready to Learn More?

Now you know some of the basics of getting a model portfolio book. Now, you can go to work finding the right photographer to make you look beautiful enough to attract attention from people who might matter in your career as a model. Now, go to work. d:-)

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