acting audition piecesAre you looking for a career in Hollywood or maybe on TV as an actor? Remember, the first step is getting the part. And, to get the part you have to audition, right? Here are some tips for how to find acting audition pieces to put you ahead of the others trying out for the same job.

How to Choose Acting Audition Pieces for Success in Hollywood

There is a a play or a new TV show you want to have a part in. But, how do you choose audition pieces to show your best acting talent without looking over zealous?

You are not alone. Professional actors and actresses struggle with this decision just as you do. Here are some things I do and I hope you will find these tips useful.

Keep Your Audition Piece Simple

Whenever I have to pick an audition piece, I always try to keep something simple my drama teacher once told me in my head. Audition pieces are meant to showcase your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Therefore, pick something that shows the directors what you can do.

This doesn’t mean that audition pieces should pander. Most people don’t like suck-ups – even in show business. Your audition monologue should express your individuality as well.

Auditioning for the Part You Want

Still, it should be in the same realm as the part you are auditioning for. If you’re trying out for a headstrong, reckless young man, pick something with that role.

For instance, if you’re auditioning for a play where wordplay plays a central role, pick something witty and difficult to say. The key is to be close enough, but not too close to the part you’re auditioning for. That way, it doesn’t come off as pandering.

Pieces for Musical Auditions

Of course with musical audition pieces, You have a lot more leeway in some ways. You don’t really need to preserve the emotional tone of what you are auditioning for. A musical audition piece should show your range and your expressive abilities.

It doesn’t really have to show that you are able to take on the role of the dramatic lovelorn protagonist, for example, or whatever other dramatic character you’re taking on. Pick a song you like and one that exhibits your full range of vocal talent.

You Don’t Need to Choose Your Audition Piece from Hamlet

It may sound obvious to some of you, but stay away from audition monologues that are too obvious. Just as it is difficult for poets to write a new and original love poems, so it is difficult for even the most experienced actors to bring anything new to, say, audition pieces from Hamlet.

Many casting directors will groan if they hear you giving a monologue from Hamlet and so, even if you give it a great performance, you will still face heavier obstacles than if you had chosen something less well tread.

Don’t Invite Acting Comparisons During Your Audition

Your audition pieces should not come from something where the director will instantly be able to compare you to dozens of other people in his head. It should be something that he has heard of but is not very familiar with. Or, he could be familiar with your audition piece but he still finds it fresh and intriguing.

Acting audition piecesFrom what I’ve heard from some of the people I have talked to, it is actually better to be a little bit too obscure than too obvious.

As long as your audition is good, it will be appreciated. I hope these Hollywood tips about finding audition pieces helped and I hope you get the role.


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