how to apply eye makeup

how to apply eye makeup

Female models have always had the advantage over men because they can do the extra things to make themselves more beautiful for the camera. Okay, posing is great but knowing how to apply eye makeup like a professional is a must for those closeup shots.

Discover How to Apply Eye Makeup Like a Professional – Why Do Women Wear Makeup Anyhow?

It’s been said that the eyes are the ‘windows to the soul‘.

So, females have used eye makeup for thousands of years to make the most of these alluring beauty windows.

Yes, they apply eye makeup mainly for the purpose of attracting the opposite sex.

Look at Cleopatra. Although she wasn’t around when it was first invented she wore her share of makeup on her eyes.

While the Egyptian era list of eye makeup tips are not what women generally use today, making up their eyes is here to stay.

And, it’s still applied for the same reason. That’s why I want to give you these free eye makeup tips to get you started.

Not Just for Models! Learn How to Apply Eye Makeup Like a Professional Artist

Natural, Exotic or Fantasy Eyes?

Unless you’re talking how to apply stage makeup, today’s women go for a more natural look to play up the beauty of their eyes.

So, these makeup tips for beautiful eyes also protect the delicate eye skin area from sagging. And, they help with wrinkles on down the road of life.

While people didn’t live as long in ancient Egypt, women still wanted to look as young as possible – for as long as possible.

They were well aware that the skin around the eyes was the thinnest and most delicate skin of the face. So, they took appropriate steps to protect that skin from aging.

Interestingly, some of the Egyptian women’s eye beauty tips remain in use today.

And, today’s experts still recommend the use of milk baths, honey and rose water, to keep the skin soft and supple.

But, they didn’t have the complete professional makeup kits available to girls today.

Makeup for Your Eyes Include Creams & Skin Softners

how to apply eye makeup

how to apply eye makeup

In addition to these regimens, modern science provided us with creams designed especially for use around the eyes.

These creams are lighter than normal anti-wrinkle face creams, facilitating a less heavy-handed application.

They cause less stretching and damage to this delicate skin.

Skin Softeners for the Eyes

When you apply any of these skin softeners around the eye area, use your pinky. And, always work from the outside in, towards your nose.

While the opposite seems logical, all you’re accomplishing is hastening the telltale sagging around the outer corners of the eye. So remember, from the outside in!

Here’s a little-known, but valuable eye makeup tip…

After applying a moisturizer, allow a few minutes for the moisturizer or cream to be absorbed.

This helps prevent eye shadows, liners and mascara from caking or running.

How to Apply Eye Makeup – 3 Step Order..

Always apply your eye make up in this order:

  1. An eye liner – if you use one
  2. Eye shadow
  3. and finally, apply mascara.

If you use an eye liner, sharpen that pencil well. A thin line looks natural, whereas a heavy line does not.

Remember, your goal is ultimately to appear as though your not wearing makeup at all!

The Best Eye Shadow Applicators?

When applying eye shadow, the soft foam brush type applicator allows the finest and most subtle application.

The lipstick style applicators can work, but only when you dab the color on.

Then, using your pinky, smudge it with a light hand.

When you simply draw a line with the stick type, you’re stretching that skin – trouble later!

Apply Mascara for Added Eye Beauty

This is last but not least of our free eye makeup tips.

Truth, mascara is a beloved item in the makeup case, but is too often overdone.

Unless you have jet black lashes, resist the temptation of black mascara.

A brown-black looks more natural. And, it still gives your eyes a dramatic look.

When it comes to mascara, more is not better.

So, choose a waterproof mascara, with a wand that separates the eyelashes and apply lightly.

Practice these eye makeup techniques. Then, take time to learn how to apply eye makeup to the letter for a fabulous fantasy look.

You’ll get lots of attention from the guys. Also, you’ll enjoy better looking skin around the eyes for your next beauty photo shoot. Now, all you have to do is wink!

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Thanks for stopping in. I hope these lessons for how to apply eye makeup help in your beauty routine. Have a great day! – Bob

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