Beauty Tip – How Do Female Models Get Those Long Eyelashes?

I’m glad you’re here today. As a photographer of beauty models I get all types of questions about poses, types of careers available, and even which clothes to wear to interviews.

But, one intriguing question I received recently is “How do the top models get those beautiful long eyelashes?”. So, I dove in and did some research. Here’s what I found.

I’m a model and I want to be prettier ..

It’s a known fact that some of the female models you see on the runway and in those high fashion magazines were blessed with long, thick and amazing eyelashes.

You see them in stunning photographs and you know that, in modeling it’s all about the eyes.

But How Do I Get Long Eyelashes?

Other girls have to discover long eyelash extension by alternative ways which include man-made, or natural methods. They use store bought or natural beauty products along with other procedures to enhance and thicken their natural lashes.

With that said, I’ve put together some tips I believe you will find helpful in your journey to become more beautiful and enticing.

How Do I Get Eternal Youth and Attractiveness?

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There have been many years of scientific research dedicated to making us look younger and more attractive.

The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar business that is constantly developing new beauty methods and products to enhance what we have or provide what we don’t have, and achieving long beautiful eyelashes is a good example of the gains made.

Do Eyelash Enhancers Work?

There are eyelash growth enhancers now on the market with claims of growing thicker, longer and darker lashes in weeks.

Many of these lash growing serums have recently come to the market due in part to the research that has come with cancer treatments and the effects of hair loss with these patients – including eyebrows and eyelashes.

The question as to how you can get those long eyelashes is being answered by science and these new serums are becoming safer to use and providing better results.

Can Mascara Help My Eyelashes Look Longer?

It can help. There has been great cosmetic improvements in mascaras.  Today’s mascara products are waterproof and non-clumping.

They come in a multitude of colors – natural looking to those designed more for shock value.

How Can I Lengthen My Lashes with Mascara?

There are many lengthening types of mascara that give the appearance of longer lashes.

A make-up artist trick is to curl lashes with a lash curler, than stroke lashes with a good brown mascara and once almost dry, apply a black mascara just on the tips of the lashes.

This is a very simple fix as to how to get long eyelashes with little effort.

How Do I Use False Eyelashes for a Quick Fix?

False Eyelashes will definitely give you longer lashes. They are fairly easy to use and mostly affordable.  There are many of these (fake) eyelashes on the market in varying colors, lengths and price.

The lashes are not that difficult to apply. You just curl own natural lashes with a lash curler and then apply the false eyelash directly to the eyelid with a dab of special glue or by applying a band of lashes rather than one lash at a time.  Removal is obtained by using a mineral-based makeup remover.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

These are the most natural looking of all the false types of eyelashes and for those who want the convenience of long lashes for longer periods of time. The extensions can be somewhat expensive – however well worth it if eyelashes are really needed.

Are Eyelash Extensions Easy to Apply?

Extensions do take some expertise to apply and it’s recommended to get the extensions done at a professional beauty salon.

Be prepared to spend some time when you make your appointment. The application of these extensions can take several hours but the procedure can last for several months.

What are Some Natural Alternatives to Growing Long Lashes?

There are also natural alternatives that are worthy trying out. Castor Oil, Olive Oil and Vaseline are three recommended household products that are many times effective and as simple as applying one of these products on the eyelashes at bedtime, about three times a week.

Applying these lubricants can condition and provide moisture to the eyelashes in an attempt to keep them from becoming brittle and breaking. Be sure to wash off the lubricant the following morning.

Are Eyelash Lubricants Dangerous?

Not everyone obtains the same results by using lubricants on their eyelashes and care must be taken so as not to get these lubricants in your eyes.

What’s the Best Way to Make Eyelashes Longer?

One of the most important tips for longer eyelashes is to ensure that you properly remove mascara, dirt and grime from your lashes before going to sleep at night.

Eyelashes like any of our hair should be cleaned and thus more healthy which can lead to fuller, longer lashes.

What Vitamins are Good for Longer Eyelashes?

Diet and vitamins can also be a good natural way to get long lashes.

Vitamin E can be directly applied to the lashes – and make sure you get the daily requirements of Vitamin B, Biotin, iron and zinc in your diet. Healthy eating habits can only improve your overall health and appearance – lashes included.

So, now you know a few of the secrets of how female models get those wonderful and sexy eyelashes  – and you can use some of these methods immediately.

Take good care of your eyes and if you are not sure about doing it yourself, consult a cosmetologist to be safe.

No matter what method you use when learning tips on how to get long eyelashes, the fact is that you can have beautiful, luscious long lashes if you are willing to make the effort. The question is; how important is it to you to have beautiful eyes?



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