How Models Apply Makeup – How Do Beauty Models Create That Natural Look With Makeup?

Does your face look natural or painted? When you put on your makeup is it disaster city? Today, I want to share some secrets of how models apply makeup and get that natural look. You can do it too! Just follow what they do.


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You Want Natural Looking Makeup – Don’t You?

Let’s face it. Even if you are not a famous fashion model you still want that natural look when applying makeup.

A question many models ask is; “How do they look so pretty?” Read this piece showing some female cosmetic tips to help you “get it”. Every day, when they arrive for model photo shoots, I see women wearing so much makeup it makes you wonder if they have a mirror or need glasses.

This is not an attractive look. Makeup is intended to create an illusion of flawless skin, while subtly emphasizing your best points. Think of applying makeup as an artist’s task, with the end objective being to look as though you are not wearing makeup!

How To Go About Applying Makeup to Look Natural

Before applying makeup, cleanse your skin with a nondrying soap, such as glycerine. Follow up with a toner, such as witch hazel to close the pores. Once a week, use a mild exfoliate to lift off dead skin cells.

This practice makes an amazing difference in the appearance of your skin, lending a healthy, luminous glow.

You Need to See!

When applying makeup, use a lighted makeup mirror for best results. Choose one that simulates daylight, florescent lighting and evening situations, such as romantic restaurant lighting. Each situation requires differing amounts of makeup to suit the ambient light.

The Skin Cream Secret

Apply a light skin cream, preferably with an SPF of at least 15. If you’ll be outside for hours, use an SPF of 30. When you apply makeup or cream around the eye area, it’s best to use a product made specifically for the delicate under-eye skin.

Apply gently, working from the outer corner of your eye towards the bridge of your nose. This way you’re not stretching the skin. While you won’t notice damage for many years, you will end up with saggy skin under the eyes later on.

Applying Makeup From The New Mineral Cosmetics Line

The new mineral makeup lines are very light, and can match your skin tone perfectly. Ask a clerk in the department store cosmetics counter to help you. Applying makeup of this type is best done with a flared and very soft brush.

The old style conventional foundations are too heavy, especially if you’re young. Over the years, these foundations will dry your skin and result in enlarged pores.

It’s All in the Eyes

Now you’re ready for mascara. However, if you have naturally thick, dark lashes, you may not need this beauty product. Any time you’re applying makeup around or near the eyes, as is the case with mascara, use care and a light hand.

Try to match your natural shade closely. Unless you have jet black brows and lashes, use a brown-black shade for the most natural look. Apply very lightly, separating lashes carefully. Clumps don’t look good.

Waterproof mascara won’t smudge or run. For brows, barely touch the brows. Just make a couple of swipes for a natural look.Never keep a mascara container for more than three months as bacteria can grow and cause eye infections. Always close the container tightly.

Is Your Blush Really You?

Applying cosmetic products such as blushers should be done especially lightly, for just a hint of rosiness. Apply just at your natural cheekbones, then down a bit and towards the temples. This one takes a bit of practice.

For Kissable Lips

We’re almost done. Now for lipstick. Always use a tester on your hand before buying. Lipstick is notorious for changing color when applied. Two people will come out with an entirely different shade – unless you’re identical twins.

Use a lip liner brush to outline first, then fill in with the lipstick. Lip liner allows you to make small corrections to your lip line if the bow of your upper lip is not precisely even. Take care to not overdo your correction. It won’t look natural.

Applying makeup is some science and some art. Ask your friends. If they can’t tell you’re wearing makeup, it’s a success! Now, ready for your photos? Get updates for modeling here.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how models apply makeup and will leave your comments below to let me know how you feel about the article. Also, give your own suggestions for how you get that natural look using your own little “secrets”. Thanks for coming in! – Bob Pardue

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