A Model Tells All about “How I Got Into Modeling” Plus Some Tips to Begin Your Model Career (Video)

As a model photographer, I’ve seen the frustration. Yes, many young men and women become frustrated when it comes to breaking into the entertainment business.

This is why I posted this How I got into modeling video plus some tips to help you see that it’s not impossible.

You can learn how to model. And yes, this can become a real career – full time or part time.

So, watch the video and then make your own conclusions.

how I got into modeling

Oh, If You’d Rather Read – Here’s The “How I Got Into Modeling” Transcript..

Hey everyone I wanted to do a video on how I got into modeling, plus some tips to get you started. Also, I’ll give some tips for those who are aspiring models or actresses.

If you want to break into the industry, discover how I got started.

My Sister – The Model

First thing, my sister was a model for about five or six years. But, school kind of took over with her life.

So, she quit modeling. But, at the time, she did a contest; a local city contest and she became like top five from like thousands of entries.

And basically, she didn’t win. But, she still got signed anyway!

So, her modeling career really took off! Like, she made tons and tons of money.

With her success, my dad when I was 15 years old, took me to the same agency. He thought whoa, hey my sisters there maybe they’ll want me too.

I Was Not Tall Enough to Model?

But, I was too short for my age. And, my body wasn’t built right enough. So, they rejected me.

And I honestly, felt like that was the end of my life. I wondered, why wasn’t I good enough.

Then, I kind of got a wake-up call from it because a you get rejected all the time in this world.

It’s like nothing. And, just because one person thinks that you’re not good enough, doesn’t mean that you’re not.

Do You Believe You Can Do This? What About Modelling Schools?

In fact, you are good enough as long as you know that you are. And, that’s all that matters! So, then I wanted to try it again with another agency.

My dad took me to an open call and the agency was not that well-known. They’re actually known for their modeling school.

They told me well, since you don’t have any professional experience, why don’t you come to our modeling school. They said:

  • Take some pictures
  • build up your portfolio
  • pay like a couple thousand dollars

And then you can start modeling. We’ll hire you on and my dad was like; that’s bullcrap!

Your Modeling Career – No Money Required!

Remember, you don’t need to pay money to be a model! If they think you have potential, then they’ll want to hire you.

But, if companies want you to pay money up front, that means that is a scam!

You don’t ever have to pay, or build your portfolio in the beginning. Your modeling agency will actually help you do it.

So, always look out for those scammers out there.

And so, my dad and I just like no, we we don’t want to go to your school. We don’t need modeling school.

A High School Picture Got Me a Break!

Then, the third time my dad sent in my high school picture, I was a teen of 16 at the time. The agency was interested, so I went for an interview.

Guess what, they liked me – and they signed me!

So, now I’ve been working for them for about six years, and going on seven. And, it’s just really been picking up for me!

I honestly cannot quit!

It’s so addicting because of how well it pays, and just a thrill that it is for me.

Um, that’s basically how I got into the industry.

I Got Into Modeling – Some Tips for How You Can Too!

Now, for those of you who are interested in getting to the industry…

There are some key pointers you have to be realistic about.

A Model’s Height

The first one is your height. if you’re 5′ 7″ are under, nobody’s going to hire you to model clothes, because the clothes will not look proportional to your body size. They want tall and lean.

But um, I’d say ideally 5′ 8″ and above. I barely made it on 5′ 8″ and a half. And, that’s preach all for an Asian.

So, I’m pretty lucky about that. But, I’m not even tall enough to do runway. You have to be at least 5′ 9″ or 5′ 10″.

So, be realistic about your height. If you’re 5′ 5′, um you might not want to do modeling. You could try acting though. They take a lot of people & they don’t really care about your height.

What about Weight?

Another thing that you have to be realistic about is your weight & fitness. I mean, you don’t have to be so thin.

Now, some modeling agencies don’t even like you to be that thin anymore. But, you have to be healthy looking.

A good way is to of course eat right and exercise. And, work it off the correct way.

What really bothers me is that, models are not eating at all to try to lose their weight. And, they don’t understand that that’s so unhealthy for your body.

Once you start eating again you’re just going to gain all that weight back. So, there was no point in doing harm to your body that way. Always work it off the right way – and the healthy way!

In the Modeling World – Expect to Be Criticized!

Something else to really think about is, once you’re in the industry, know that you’re always going to get criticized or picked at. Every little thing you do will affect a lot of other things.

These include:

  • The way that you’re modeling
  • the way your hair is. They may not like your hair long and straight. So, they might want it short and trendy, or layered – or something like that.

There’s always going to be somebody telling you something about you that they find interesting – or not.

Whatever the case may be, you always have to be aware. So, learn to take it all in. Let it go in one ear and out the other.

Do whatever you please but, just don’t let it affect you.

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Model?

So, if you feel that you have potential…

  • send in your picture
  • give them a call

But, research your model agency first to make sure that it’s not a scam. Also, make sure that they don’t want your money.

If they want money upfront, don’t do it! That means that they don’t have money in the back to support you.

Okay, when you attend an open call (or let’s say an interview), and they’re interested in seeing you in person, wear something that’s not too flashy or showy.

Wear something that complements your body type. Put on something not like loose or baggy.

Like, I don’t know. Maybe wear a little tank top like mine. In other words, dress simple, but not  too much out there.

So yeah, those are basically my tips for how to break into the modeling industry. And so, I wish all of you luck.

If you’re interested, and if you guys need any more advice or other information, let me know.

You know, you can always message me and talk to me. Um yeah, so I’ll see you guys soon. Bye-bye!

She Didn’t Succeed in Modeling at First Either!

“My sister was a model for about five or six years. But, school sort of took over her life. Frustrated, she quit modeling.

Then, my dad took me to the same agency (as my sister) when I was 15. However, I was too short for my age. And, my body wasn’t built right.

So naturally, they rejected me.”

Here are some things the model tips video covers:

The model tells her story of how she began with modelling – and, the success of her sister first.

She tells about the devastation of being rejected (Just as I’ve said that you have to learn to deal with being turned down.).

What about Modeling Scams?

Now comes the model scams which requires your paying up front fees to enlist the services of a modeling agency which is simple not required.

Next Comes the Modeling Tips for Beginners

Types of women models which we’ve covered in other tutorials for models.

You need to be realistic and consider whether you should model or act. There are options if you are willing to expand your thinking.

Do Models Get Criticized a Lot?

You simply must get accustomed to being looked at from a professional standpoint. Take the criticism positively and don’t take it personally.

Use the agent’s comments as a learning experience to give you the lessons you’ll need to move on into the next steps of a career in modeling.

You will not know everything – no matter how long you are in the network.

Send in Your Pics!

How to become a modelDo some research on the agency first to help avoid those scam artists who are plentiful in the market place.

Then, make a real effort to do it right.

I cover more about this and other modeling tips in my newsletter. You can get it along with a free gift here.

If you are really determined to become a model in fashion, then don’t give up too soon.

Does this mean I’ll automatically be a model? No – but you almost positively won’t become a model if you never try. Do something today!

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Finally, I wish you success in your modeling ambitions.

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