A Model Tells All about “How I Got Into Modeling” (Video)

As a model photographer, I’ve seen the frustration. Yes, many young men and women become frustrated when it comes to breaking into the entertainment business.

This is why I posted this How I got into modeling video to help you see that it’s not impossible.

You can learn how to model. And yes, this can become a real career – full time or part time.

So, watch the video and then make your own conclusions.

She Didn’t Succeed in Modeling at First Either!

“My sister was a model for about five or six years. But, school sort of took over her life. Frustrated, she quit modeling.

Then, my dad took me to the same agency (as my sister) when I was 15. However, I was too short for my age. And, my body wasn’t built right.

So naturally, they rejected me.”

Here are some things the model tips video covers:

The model tells her story of how she began with modelling – and, the success of her sister first.

She tells about the devastation of being rejected (Just as I’ve said that you have to learn to deal with being turned down.).

What about Modeling Scams?

Now comes the model scams which requires your paying up front fees to enlist the services of a modeling agency which is simple not required.

Next Comes the Modeling Tips for Beginners

Types of women models which we’ve covered in other tutorials for models.

You need to be realistic and consider whether you should model or act. There are options if you are willing to expand your thinking.

Do Models Get Criticized a Lot?

You simply must get accustomed to being looked at from a professional standpoint. Take the criticism positively and don’t take it personally.

Use the agent’s comments as a learning experience to give you the lessons you’ll need to move on into the next steps of a career in modeling.

You will not know everything – no matter how long you are in the network.

Send in Your Pics!

How to become a modelDo some research on the agency first to help avoid those scam artists who are plentiful in the market place.

Then, make a real effort to do it right.

If you are really determined to become a model in fashion, then don’t give up too soon.

Does this mean I’ll automatically be a model? No – but you almost positively won’t become a model if you never try.

Do something today!

I hope you enjoyed the video. Next step, use some of the advice from this young lady. Finally, I wish you success in your modeling ambitions.

Bob Pardue, http://www.bobpardue.com

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