Are you thinking about breaking into the modeling game, but just don’t know how to start?

Problem is, you have no idea what the physical requirements are for starting in fashion modeling careers, do you?

The quick tips you’ll read below will help you decide.

So, how do you be a model and work in this industry called entertainment?

fashion modeling careers

fashion modeling careers

Read below for some exciting getting started tips for models (and dreamers). I’m sure you’ll get some quick tips to launch your modeling dream!

Do You Meet the Fashion Model Requirements? How Do You Get Started in Fashion Modeling Careers? 5 Quick Steps Show You How!

5 Quick Steps to Fashion Modeling Careers

First, read some essential frequently asked questions…

  • Do you need a portfolio of pictures?
  • Can you be a teenager or adult?
  • How tall do you need to be for fashion modeling careers with Elite Models or Ford?

What are Fashion Models – What’s the Career Choice Here?

First, these fashion model’s photos appear in magazines and catalogs to promote clothing or other accessories.

Their photos target customers and department store buyers.

Confidence and Tenacity is a Must for a Career in Fashion Modeling

If you consider yourself…

  • having a confident attitude
  • aggressive
  • intelligent
  • resistant to peer pressure
  • and willing to listen and learn,

You already possess many of the traits tho help you to become successful in fashion modeling.

But, before you begin any type career, please read these tips about how to become a fashion model below.

At one time or another, it’s just about every young woman’s dream to walk the runway like Tyra Banks or retro female model Cindy Crawford. But, in all reality, most never make it to the top list in their careers.

Here are 5 Simple Tips for Fashion Model Beginners to Get You Going

1. Talk To Other Fashion Models Who’ve Been There Already

Talk to someone you know that is already involved in the network.

Visit some of the most popular female fashion modeling sites and ask them questions about the following…

Knowing the answers to these few questions will help you tremendously in making your decision about this competitive field.

2. See What the Top List Girls And Designers Are Doing

One way to learn what’s going on is to take a close look at fashion magazines to see what the latest styles are.

Read and learn as much as you can about fashion designers.

Research every aspect on the Internet about IMG, Women Management and other industry giant agencies.

Do You Want Full Or Part Time Modeling Work?

People entering the business can begin with modelling agencies either full or part time. But, this depends upon your situation. Also, decide if you want to get jobs just for fun or to make a full-time income.

Keep consistent when you set these fashion modeling goals and be determined to reach them. You will face many rejections, so be very persistent and Never Quit.

4. How Tall Do I Need to Be for Fashion Modeling Careers?

If you plan to get serious, especially if you plan to apply to agencies representing Tyra Banks and other superstars, the following physical attributes are a necessity.

  • You need to be at least 5’8″ tall or taller ( Especially for the ramp )
  • Height should be flattered by your body weight (average 108-125 lb..) and proportions.
  • Skin should always look radiant and without lots of pimples or blemishes
  • Hair should always be clean, styled and vibrant. Avoid excessive over-dying and split-ends.
  • Teeth should be well taken care of, straight and white. Stay away from coffee and cigarettes. Remember, agents love to see their applicants give a vibrant smile.
  • Posture has a big affect on how people perceive you. Keep your chin up and shoulders back.
fashion modeling careers

fashion modeling careers

( Find Fashion Modeling Agencies Here )

5. Choose Your Fashion Agent for Models

Now that you have decided that this is definitely what you want to do with your life, your next step is to find a legitimate management company.

Locate one who will launch your new career in fashion modeling for you and hopefully find you work.

You can find fashion modeling agencies in your area by…

  • checking your phone directory
  • searching my agency list
  • or asking people you know already in the industry if they have any suggestions.

Just always remember you should never have to pay an agent any money upfront.

If they ask for fees or offer to send you on a cruise or modeling convention, call another one.

To Make a Career of Fashion Modeling, Keep At It!

Even though this sounds like a lot of advice, take time to learn it.

And remember, if you really want to get started in fashion modeling, it will take some time and hard work. This is the case no matter if you go into catalog, runway, figure or commercial work.

Your background or nationality may be different from other fashion models. It doesn’t matter where you are now. You must set goals and work toward them daily.

There are no shortcuts in fashion entertainment.

Other amateurs are working just as hard as you to reach their modeling dreams. So, write down a routine and practice daily. That’s the way Tyra and Cindy started out.

High Fashion and runway modeling careers can be very competitive and ….

“Only The Strong Survive.” in Careers in Fashion Modeling

So, precisely how do you become a fashion model and work in your career choice?

First,  set your fashion modeling career goals for today. Then, get to work on your dream! With real effort and a bit of luck, you might become a fashion model and walk the runway soon – it is possible!

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