How Do You Be a Plus Size Model? Are You Size 10?

How do I become a plus size model

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When learning modeling you may find that you don’t quite fit the size of those skinny runway girls.

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Not to worry, women of all sizes are sought for different modeling assignments the world over.

And, you do not have to be a size “0” to bag lucrative assignments other than learning how to be a plus size model along with getting yourself noticed by the agencies who can book you.

So, different questions arise in the minds of beginner plus-size models as to what is the basic entry-level size.

They need to make good career choices. And, find out the types of assignments to be sought, number of assignments, and career span.

Plus Size Models Represent The Average Woman

Models representing the average woman are an ideal fit for plus size models. In other words, size “10” is the entry level into plus size modeling.

Agencies are constantly on the lookout for plus size models to represent specific brands.

Plus size models prepare a portfolio with the help of professional photographers, make-up artists, and designers.

The combined team works together and prepares a unique identity ideally suited for the print bread media, which is where majority of assignments can he found by plus size models.

To Model for Plus Size – Learn To Pose The Right Way

Posing the right way makes a huge difference in the way a fashion statement is made. Learning how to become a plus size model includes taking lessons, if necessary, before going in for open calls or trying to win assignments from clients in your city. A model represents the company, and a successful pose encourages people to buy the product instantly.

Maintaining a great posture is always appreciated. A confident and bold look is required, which can be achieved by keeping your head up.

Pretend to have an orange that has to be kept in place just under your chin. Be aware of your curves and watch yourself sustain a great stance in front of the mirror. It is important that you are comfortable with your body and draw attention to a dress, for example, with your body.

Beware Of Plus Modeling Scams

When getting started, you’ll find modeling scams going around trying to exploit plus size models. It all depends on need and how desperate models appears to get the first elusive assignment. Confidence is the key, and basic research into identifying areas of modeling you are capable of completing is the right way to go about finding your first assignment.

The process begins by finding a professional model photographer to click photographs for your portfolio. When you step in front of a professional’s camera, you’ll see the difference in your pictures. Also, visit a make-up artist and designer capable of creating a look that sets you apart from others in the industry.


Earning A Decent Income as a Plus Size Model

It is possible to make a living as a plus size model. More opportunities are now being created for plus size men and women.

For instance, a fashion magazine editorial would require plus size models try out various different outfits and different shots extending. The assignment may extend to several hours. Models have to be in shape and need the strength to sustain poses for long periods.

Establishing a professional relationship with an agency or client will not take too long if the right attitude is maintained. Carrying out an assignment without flinching from long hours of work is required to attract clients.

They offer good wages and perks sometimes matching regular size models. Learning how to be a plus size model may take a while but can be sustained over a much longer period to make a decent living.

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These are just a few answers to the question of how to be a plus size model. I hope this will give you a starting point for an exciting career in the industry. Oh, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for more tips like this one. – Bob

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