How Can I Get Into Modeling for Clothing?

How Can I Get Into Modeling for Clothing?

How Can I Get Into Modeling for Clothing?

Models ask questions: I try to give answers. I know how difficult it is to get yourself started toward a modeling career for clothing or any type.

So, today I’m going to talk about what it takes to get started in modeling – no matter where you feel you fit in. Let’s get going…

If you do a bit of searching, you’ll find plenty of options for getting started in modeling careers. A few include:

  • Editorial
  • Print modeling
  • Commercial work
  • Catalog, etc.

But, the most common question is: “How Can I Get Into Modeling for Clothing?” I hope this post will enlighten you and get you inspired to follow your modeling dream.

Common Questions Answered | How Can I Get Into Modeling for Clothing?

According to,

  • “Catwalk models are generally at least 5’8. And, as we all know, they are quite thin with very few curves.
  • Plus size models also tend to be about this same height but most wear over a size 10.
  • Commercial models, on the other hand, can be a little shorter. And, their body types can be more diverse.
  • Imagine the type of models you see in catalogs and on television commercials.
  • Lastly, swimsuit models, often referred to as glamour models, often have larger chests with smaller waists.”

Getting into Modeling Clothing? Put Together Your Pictures

Once you figure out where you belong in modeling, it’s time to start taking photos aimed at that market.

The pictures you create should fit in with the market you’re targeting.

No matter what modeling type you want to work in, your portfolio of pictures should include a few head shots. These are shots of your face from various angles.

But, if you plan to do commercial modeling, make sure you include a decent amount of smiling shots.

Any other type of model should have an equal or larger amount of straight-faced ones.

Next, make sure to include some full-length shots. Model agencies usually like some of these to be swimsuit shots. But again, it depends on the market. For glamour models, swimwear shots are clearly a must.”

Contacting Modeling Agencies

It all comes down to, you are now ready to face the model agencies.

First of all, do your research. And, make sure to find reputable talent agencies who cater to the market you’re interested in.

Second, check out the model agents’ websites to find out how they prefer you to submit your book.

Some agencies want you to mail it in. But, others will let you fill out forms and upload pictures online.

This is why it’s so important that you look up the agency first and get all the info for submissions.

Find out what their morals and their mission statements are. Also, this research helps you avoid fraud and shady business.

If possible, I suggest going to a casting call in person instead of just submitting pictures. In real life, your personality can shine through and instantly enhance your look.

Tip: If you do go to one of these castings, be sure to bring a composite card that has your picture on it, along with your name, number and stats.

But if you’re still not sure, I wrote a post with tips for modeling open calls so you can take a look before you go to interviews.

Yes, it takes time to find the right agency.

Although some models find agents quickly, finding the right agent can be a long process.

So, if it takes a while for someone to see your true potential, don’t be discouraged. In the meantime, look for other ways to get exposure and experience.

Remember, persistence pays off. Modeling failures will most likely happen in your career. Use what you learn; then move on to greater things!

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Next: How Do You Get Started with Modeling?

Another common question with a broad answer. I’ve spent the past 20 years on this blog coming up with creative answers to this.

But, the answer may be simpler than you think. Now, I didn’t say easy – I just said simple.

First, you go to auditions and open calls for models. In the age of the internet, and other modeling sites allow you to create a portfolio convincing enough for an agency to consider you.

All you have to do is study poses, get a camera, cute clothes, and start modeling.

What are the Age Limits & Requirements if I Want to Get Started in Modeling Clothing?

According to Wet Paint’s article about America’s Next Top Model, there are age limits. They say:

“To come into an open call and be seen we require girls be age 24 or under and at least 5’8”.

And, we require men to be at least age 15 and at least 5’11”.

The weight requirements mostly include being in proportion, so weights can differ.”

With that said, Miranda Kerr was discovered and started working at the age of thirteen. So, you’ll always find exceptions to the rule.

If you meet the requirements of the modeling agency, personally go to the open calls instead of sending in snapshots.

Now, if you don’t live near the agency or feel you don’t meet all the requirements, you can email your pictures in or send them via a postal service.

What about Modelling Photos?

As a photographer, I believe in professional pictures to make a model look her best. But, you don’t absolutely need them to get started.

Just make sure that your pictures are natural and not overly unrealistic.

In fact, many modelling agents prefer non-professional photos!

The reasoning is, any girl can cake on makeup, hire a model portfolio photographer who knows clever angles, edit in Photoshop, and look great.

When a model submits her photos to me and they are so retouched they look like a cartoon character, the agent thinks they are trying to hide what they really look like.

One, they end up looking really pathetic much of the time. And two, getting all this done can cost a lot of money! So, don’t do it!

The Difference Between Modeling Persistence and Being “Pushy”

No doubt it’s true. It takes courage, perseverance and a thick skin to survive in this dog-eat-dog modelling world.

But, if a model agent tells you they are not interested in you, don’t argue with them.

Lift yourself up and try a different company.

It’s a fact, some “persistent” girls come back to an agency week after week. And, they hope they’ll get a different answer this time.

Okay, you can re-apply after a few months of an initial rejection. But, do not come back three or four times in the same month!

When you come back week after week, you show the model agency you don’t respect them, or their opinion.

Agencies hire models on the basis of need. Their clients want certain looks at different times. So, if you don’t fit that look, you will not get the listing. It’s that simple!

That’s why you try to get listed with an agent who really wants you to be there.

So, if they tell you they are not interested in your look, why would you want to be with them?

You don’t! Your model agent should be extremely excited about you. This is the one who…

  1. Loves your look,
  2. Has your best interest at heart
  3. And, is ready to work for you.

One More Tip for Beginner Models

Networking comes fairly easy with the onset of Facebook groups, online chat rooms, sites like Model Mayhem ( so this shouldn’t be an issue for you.

What about Modelling Clubs?

Some colleges, especially those in major cities, have modeling clubs where aspiring models share information about castings they’ve heard of.

And, they give each other tips on everything from how to photograph well to what to wear to an open call.

While a club like this is great, be careful of scams.

There are so many so-called “modeling schools” and faux “talent agencies” out there who promise to make you a star but really just want your money.

So, be careful not to waste your money and time on these scammers.

What Makes Modelling Success?

Well, being a model in the real world includes your:

  • Being patient,
  • Staying persistent,
  • And keeping your eye out for an agency that cares for you and your look.

This is so important. You have to feel like you are supported by the agency you choose.

Otherwise, you are going to be shaky when you go to casting interviews, open calls, or model auditions.

My Final Thought – Just Do It!

get into modeling

“There are so many so-called “modeling schools” and faux “talent agencies” out there who promise to make you a star but really just want your money.”

Get yourself out there…

Get some pointers from experienced models who know the rules.

This way, you’ll be that much closer to becoming a model and working in a job you love.

I offer beginner modeling tips via email to help you through most of the process to learn how to model clothes; or other types if you’re interested.

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